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Egyptian Masonic Satanic Connection

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Egyptian Masonic Satanic Connection

Post by Karen on Wed 15 Sep 2010 - 1:22

As you read the following passages, try to bear in mind the scene of Mary Kelly's murder - the kettle with its spout melted off, the victim's thighs cut off, the throat cut, parts of the face peeled away, and the intestines pulled out and cast aside.

The following passages from The Egyptian Book of the Dead are graphic and repulsive and are presented solely for the purpose of expose.


(15) "Hail, devourer of Blood, who camest forth from the block of slaughter, I have not acted guilefully."


Hail , Eater of intestines, coming forth from Mabet, not have I desolated ploughed lands."


(21) "Hail, thou two-headed serpent, who comest forth from the torture-chamber, I have not defiled the wife of any man."


(9) Hail, Crusher of Bones, who comest forth from Suten-henen, "I have told no lies."


Behold ye then god this great of slaughter, mighty of terror, he washeth in your blood, he batheth in your grave."


I have obtained the mastery over the animals with the knife in their heads and their locks of hair, who live among their emeralds, the aged and the shining beings who prepare the moment of Osiris Ani, triumphant in peace. He maketh slaughter upon the earth, and conversely, I am strong."


He has taken the hearts of the gods.
He has eaten the Red.
He has swallowed the Green.
Their charms are in his belly.
He has swallowed the knowledge of every god.
The lifetime of King Unas is eternity.


509. UNAS devoureth men and liveth "upon the gods, he is the lord of envoys, whom he sendeth forth on his missions. "He who cutteth off hairy scalps," "who dwelleth in the fields, tieth the gods with ropes".[/color]


510. Tcheser-tep keepeth guard over them for Unas and "driveth them unto him; and the Cord-master bound "them for slaughter. Khonsu the slayer of the wicked "cutteth their throats."

511. and draweth out their intestines, "for it is he whom Unas sendeth to slaughter; and Shesmu "cutteth them in pieces and boileth their members in his "blazing caldrons of the night."


513. The old gods "and the old goddesses become fuel for his furnace. The "mighty ones in heaven light the fire under the caldrons" where are heaped up the thighs of the firstborn.


514. "Unas lighteth the fire under the caldrons with the thighs "of their women."


[508] Unas hath weighed his "words with the hidden god who hath no name, on the day of hacking in pieces the firstborn."


Behold, Unas eateth of that which the red crown "sendeth forth, he increaseth, and the magical charms of the gods are in his belly."


"Every season of the flood I saw god born from the buttocks of a cow..."Come" said the lord of life to the lord of death one day. "Let us make a truce. I shall bring forth creatures and deliver them unto death, if you deliver the dead unto life...."On the day I saw Ra born from the buttocks of a cow I was overcome with weeping....These are the manifestations of Horus, a thousand souls in his train, an army marching against darkness. These are souls returning to earth, men and women beautified....In the house of death there awaits a being of darkness whose eyebrows swim on his forehead like fishes....I shall not fall under flashing knives I shall not burn up in the cauldron...I have seen the face of evil -- a face full of burns and scars, tortures inflicted upon the self. He would scald his own chest and blame it on others. He would slash his own wrists and blame it on the gods....Now is the day of the joining of opposites, of the mingling of the dust of flesh with the dust of the coffin. This is the day of flow, the living ether returned to air, the maker of forms assuming new form. This is the day without end --- the passage into light itself, the joining of Osiris to Ra."


"These illustrations from Albert Champdor's "The Book of the Dead" show a mummy with phallus erect sliding into the Seventh Region of the Lower World, described as being "filled with serpent coils and four sons of Horus who protect the viscera of the Dead."


"O Ra-Tmu, Lord of the Great House, prince, life, strength and health of all the gods, deliver thou [me] from the god whose face is like unto that of a dog, whose brows are as those of a man, and who feedeth upon the dead, who watcheth at the Bight of the Fiery Lake, and who devoureth the bodies of the dead and swalloweth hearts, and who shooteth forth filth, but he himself remaineth unseen."


Illustration below, shows the passing down of body parts and pitchers of blood.


The heart is placed in a jar to be weighed for judgement. The double Maat goddesses are at times represented standing beside the balance to watch the result of the weighing, and at the same time Maat is also placed in the scale to be weighed against the heart of the deceased.
"In the papyrus of Qenna the head of Anubis is on the beam and the ape, wearing disk and crescent, is seated upon a pylon-shaped pedestal beside the balance."

"Another vignette shows Horus holding Maat in his hand, weighing the heart in the presence of the Maat goddesses, and Anubis holding the deceased by the hand, presents the heart to Osiris while Isis and Nephthys in the form of apes sit near."


It is Osiris. Others, however, say that his name is Ra, and that the god who dwelleth in Amentet is the phallus of Ra, wherewith he had union with himself."


"Who is this? It is Osiris. Others, however, say that it is the dead body of Osiris, and yet others say that it is the excrement of Osiris."


"Who are these gods? They are the drops of blood which came forth from the phallus of Ra when he went to perform his own mutilation. These drops of blood sprang into being under the forms of the gods Hu and Sa, who are in the bodyguard of Ra, and who accompany the god Tem daily and every day."


Manly P. Hall 33° Mason, describes a ritual in the second degree of the Egyptian Mysteries that we will show to be very similar to modern Satanic rituals.
"The chamber appeared to be filled with reptiles, to teach the Necoris to withstand bodily terror. The greather the courage shewn on this trial, so much the more was he lauded after reception."


It was believed that the Scarab, if placed in the heart of the deceased, will perform the opening of the mouth so that the deceased may speak words of power or the innermost intentions of his soul.
The scarabs which are found in the mummies, or lying upon the breast just above the position of the heart, form an interesting section of every large Egyptian collection.
"SCARAB: a design based on the dung beetle, this is the ancient Egyptian symbol of reincarnation. It also is associated with Beelzebub, Lord of the Flies."

"[24] THE ANKH

ANKH: This is an Egyptian symbol of life and often is associated with fertility.


"Spell to Seduce a Married Woman. Unas cohabits with his phallus, Unas is the lord of seed, he who takes the women from their husbands, whenever Unas wants, according to the wish of his heart." Pyramid Texts, Spell 510


The Satanic practice of using a goat for sexual purposes during a ritual also comes from Egypt. The Goat of Mendes or Baphomet is the most famous of all Satanic symbols. The Satanic goat takes its name from a city in Egypt where the goat was used publicly in a public ritual. This information is from a book called A History of Phallic Worship. The Egyptians showed this incarnation of the Deity by a less permanent, though equally expressive symbol. At Mendes a living goat was kept as the image of the generative power, to whom the women presented themselves naked, and had the honour of being publicly enjoyed by him. Herodotus saw the act openly performed, and calls it a prodigy. But the Egyptians had no such horror of it; for it was to them a representation of the incarnation of the Deity, and the communication of his creative spirit to men.

The illustration on the left is the most widely used of all Satanic symbols, the Goat of Mendes or the Baphomet as it was drawn by Freemason Eliphas Levi. On page 20 of this book, there is a picture of a goat with the other pagan gods that was taken from The History of Freemasonry published by the Masonic History Company and they admit that the goat is indeed the Goat of Mendes.

Figure 17 is a representation of a four-horned goat, which is said to be from Spain, with two upright and two lateral horns. This animal was alive in London about 1769. It is a symbol of the goat of Mendes.


The symbolic crucifixion in the next picture is occuring in the King's Chamber of the Great Pyramid and is taken from the book, The Phoenix, by 33° Mason Manly P. Hall. A Satanic ritual abuse survivor from Dearborn County, Indiana, confirmed that he was hung on a wooden cross in a similar ritual.

Manly P. Hall 33° Mason writes:

"Professor Breasted, the most distinguished Egyptologist, told me that he was convinced that this book contained the ritual of a sacred drama performed by the living in the secrecy of the ancient temples. He justified his remarks by saying that he had personally examined the manuscripts of this work which had been marginated with prompter's marks and notes indicating entrances and exits. The ritual was evidently part of the primitive mask cult. When a priest, or even a consecrated layman, put on the mask or likeness of one of the gods, he became identical with that god."

Source: "The Egyptian, Masonic, Satanic Connection" By David L. Carrico and Donna M. Carrico, Copyright ©1994 by David L. Carrico

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Karen Trenouth
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Re: Egyptian Masonic Satanic Connection

Post by Karen on Wed 15 Sep 2010 - 4:14


PICTURES DRAWN BY SURVIVORS. All of the survivors who drew the sketches were children.


In picture #1 a young girl describes how during her grooming to be a Priestess in a satanic coven, she was forced to kill the sacrificial victim (a woman) without the aid of the adult members. Three priests in the cult stand, with glasses in hand, waiting for the child to cut the victim. When the blood would begin to flow, it was drained into each of the three glasses. The child was then placed in a suspended cage and made to observe the victim being crucified upside down on a cross and burned. Then the child was forced to drink the blood offered by the priests and was then placed on a table and tortured sexually by all the members as a reward.

Picture #2 "The offering to satin [sic]."


Picture #3 "Blood of strength."

Picture #4 illustrates the members of the cult getting ready to use the ritual stick and carving with the knife to draw more blood. These rituals are damaging to the physical health and mental stability of the victims.


Picture #5 "Child says they call themselves "Druids." Dated January 11, 1991 at 9:45 pm

Picture #6 shows six members of this satanic group kneeling in prayer, giving thanks to Satan for the baby which is about to be offered as sacrifice. Dated September 13, 1990

In picture #7 a survivor has drawn her conception of what she thought Satan resembled: a half-human, half-animal form. In some literature this type of figure is called a "Pan" figure or god of the underworld.


In picture #8 the child describes how blood was drank from the skull of a sacrificial victim (a man). This picture also represents the child and an adult nude, with blood smeared over their bodies in preparation for a ritual that also includes the drinking of blood.

Picture #9 shows a bone, liver, blood and kidney on a mantle." Dated August 24, 1989.

Picture #10 illustrates "blood punch" made from the blood of a sacrificed child. Dated August 26, 1989.

Karen Trenouth
Author of: "Epiphany of the Whitechapel Murders"
Author of: "Jack the Ripper: The Satanic Team"


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Re: Egyptian Masonic Satanic Connection

Post by Karen on Wed 15 Sep 2010 - 6:40


Picture #11 is the most graphic of illustrations done by any of the survivors we have interviewed. This picture is entitled "carving for our feast." It tells the story of an eight-year-old girl being forced to butcher the sacrificial victim into small enough pieces to be packaged for storage for a cannibalism ritual. Sometimes the victims' body parts were cooked in pots as a stew; sometimes the cult just devoured the flesh raw. The child who drew this illustration suffers from Multiple Personality Disorder as a result of the forced participation. M.P.D. is common among child ritual abuse victims.


Picture #12 depicts the eating of organs and was drawn by a child survivor in Indiana.


Picture #14, drawn by a nine-year-old, shows a rat being killed. This child was allegedly taken from her school to an old church where a satanic ritual was being held. She said those adults involved were personnel from her school.


Picture #17 illustrates bathing in a tub filled with blood at what the child called a "Blood Moon" ritual. These rituals, according to the survivors, take place on nights when the moon appears red in the sky. The cult pictured consisted of people in Southern Indiana.

Picture #18 shows how the victim is sometimes branded on the chest with a five-pointed star symbol. This illustration is titled "Baby being branded by the demons."


Picture #19 was drawn by a nine-year-old girl illustrates hearts of children kept in jars and the children's names recorded on the jars.

In picture #20 the cabinet the child says the hearts were kept in also had a knife, a pan that blood was collected in, and books that held written accounts of all that was done to the ritual abuse victims. The children say that the cult has members designated to do this. These record keepers are known as scribes with the cult.

Karen Trenouth
Author of: "Epiphany of the Whitechapel Murders"
Author of: "Jack the Ripper: The Satanic Team"


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Re: Egyptian Masonic Satanic Connection

Post by Karen on Wed 15 Sep 2010 - 17:22


Picture #21 shows the skin being peeled from the skull of a baby. Skinning people alive is a common practice among cults involved in human sacrifice. As in this same illustration the inverted pentagram is sometimes carved upon the abdomen of the victim.

Picture #22 is what the survivor calls the "dirt offering". The victim is tied down on a bed of spikes. Then the child participant is forced to push the victim down onto the deadly points. Once again this forced participation in ritual murder is devastating to the child. The mental and emotional scars resulting from this lasts a lifetime. Survivor guilt is common among these children.


Picture #23 drawn by a little girl from a generational Satanist family from south Georgia, shows the thighs of a woman lying next to a firepit.

Picture #24 is a very simple illustration of the offering of the firstborn. The survivor tells us she was given the special privelege of being allowed to carry this sacrificial offering to the stone altar where it was then hacked to pieces. This particular ritual is shown as having been done during a full moon. Our survivor tells us that most of the sacrifices take place when the moon is full.

Picture #26 depicts the killing of a goat which was then beheaded. The head was then mounted on the wall and the members prayed to Satan asking him to possess the goat head and speak through it. According to our survivor she was then placed inside the carcass of the dead goat and the cult members sodomized it and her once again while she was inside.


In picture #27, a 19-year-old ritual abuse survivor depicts herself being made to lay in a boat floating in shallow water. The boat is surrounded by six cult members, six burning red candles, with six snakes placed in the boat to crawl on her. She says she was not allowed to move even one muscle or be punished for her disobedience. She said this was a part of a ritual performed to cleanse her of sins against Satan, which consisted of acts of kindness, or belief in God. She titles this picture "the snakes will cleanse forever life." One can only imagine the horror experienced by a small child while enduring this type of abuse.

In picture #28 is a graphic example of sexual perversion. When one tries to imagine the trauma associated with either of these pictures, the heart is - or should be - gripped with compassion for the victim of ritual abuse. In picture #28 (the lower half), the child illustrates how a sacrificial victim was laid on a table, whereupon his genitals were cut off. This was done while he was alive! After removal of the penis, a stick was inserted into the amputated organ. The emotional and physical shock to the child victim because of the use of this tool of perversion is beyond description. She was made to first taste the blood from where the genitals were removed, then made to lie down and suffer molestation and torture with the tool made from the amputated penis.


Picture #29 was one of the most bizarre disclosures of the many we've heard involving Satanism and ritualistic abuse. The disclosure came from one of the alter personalities of a survivor. When asked where she was at the time of this ritual, she said, "I was watching from up on top of the light. I'm little enough to sit up there, you know." She recalled this ritual as a birthing ceremony whereby a full-term infant was taken from the mother by cutting open the belly. Then the newborn was placed inside the stomach of a drugged cow. After sewing the child inside and performing the required incantations the infant is removed, symbolizing being born into the family of Satan. Actual performance of these appalling rituals are beyond the comprehension of most modern minds, yet children from all over America are giving corroborative testimony to these ungodly crimes.

In pictures #30 and 33, snakes are used to teach the children who are ritually abused to withstand bodily terror. Picture #30 shows the use of snakes as guardians to keep the children in their cages and quiet.


Picture #31 shows a wand, or ritual stick, used in the sexual torture.

The ankh in Picture #32 shows an illustration of a book the child victim calls "The Devil's Book." The child said the perpetrators of her abuse read from this book at the "meetings" where she and other children were abused. The child shows the book had the Egyptian symbol of life and fertility on the cover. Pictures such as these leave no doubt to the adult observer that these rituals, described by child victims of ritual abuse, are directly related to ancient blood rites.


In picture #33, the child victim had to let the snakes crawl over her. She was not allowed to cry or move even one muscle. This use of snakes is so traumatic to the children many times this act alone is enough to cause the development of Multiple Personality Disorder.

Both Pictures #34 and #35 are examples of the use of excrement in satanic ritual abuse in the 90's. Both show children lying on tables with people in robes and other disguises. Both show bowls nearby filled with urine and feces to be smeared over the children's bodies. Children tell how they were made to eat and drink the human waste. Defilement of the innocence of the child, humiliation, and degradation are forced upon these children to both satisfy their god - Satan - and their own unbridled Lust.

An interesting note about the child who drew #35: This girl alleges she was ritually abused at a Masonic home down in the south. She claims she spent nine years at this home being forced to participate in and witness some type of ritual performed by men who were Masons. According to this victim, the people who forced these children to partake in these rituals also forced them to wear a pair of "golden scales" around their neck. This is extremely significant in light of what 33rd° Mason C.W. Leadbeater said about Black Masonry. The whole of what we now call Black Masonry led up to an explanation of karma as divine justice, this having been preserved for us in shadow in what is now the 31st°. That is the degree of the Grand Inspector Inquisitor Commander, whose symbol is a pair of scales. In Egypt, this pair of scales was taken as an emblem of the perfect balance of divine justice. This young girl's disclosure could well be the first ritual of Black Masonry ever to be documented. She also alleges that she observed her siblings killed during these rituals. Further, she alleges that other children at the home were used in pornography and prostitution.


Picture #36 illustrates how the child was hung by a nail through the head, entrails removed, and then roasted on a spit over an open fire. Our survivor said, "You throw up the first few times you eat it, but you eventually get used to it." The damage done to a child's mental, emotional, and spiritual health as a result of this type of victimization, is long lasting and results in the child suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), such as is found in war veterans. Although disbelief is provoked by the children's testimonies of the atrocities, the detail and similarity from such a large number of unrelated children from different geographical areas demands credibility be given to their stories.


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Re: Egyptian Masonic Satanic Connection

Post by Karen on Wed 15 Sep 2010 - 18:52

The victims are not only children as this testimonial claims:

"My name is Neil and I experienced at least 18 years of Satanic ritual abuse by several groups of Masons. The Masons all over the country are an organization - a secret order - and part of what they do is ritually abuse children, adults, and animals. The people in my family are to blame, as well as the Masons and our society for allowing it to happen. The Masons are an organized part of society, including politicians, judges, lawyers, policemen, and rabbi. 50% of the actual abuse took place on Masonic properties."

A practicing pyschotherapist gives the following report:

"I am a psychotherapist in private practice and treat mainly survivors of Satanic cult abuse. About half of the clients I treat report that their fathers were Masons. About half of the others report that a very close friend of the family's was a Mason. They recall going to parties and gatherings at the homes of Masons."

Source: "The Egyptian, Masonic, Satanic Connection," by David L. Carrico and Donna M. Carrico, Copright ©1994 by David L. Carrico

Karen Trenouth
Author of: "Epiphany of the Whitechapel Murders"
Author of: "Jack the Ripper: The Satanic Team"


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