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Same As In Texas

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Same As In Texas

Post by Karen on Wed 28 Jul 2010 - 1:21


A London newspaper, the Daily News, has received a telegram from New York to shed light on the background of the mysterious murderer in London.
The telegram says that some months ago there occurred in the State of Texas a horrible series of murders of women.
The victims were almost always black, so the feeling was not so great. The murderer was operating in the same way as the one in London and with the same mutilations.
Coincidence has extraordinary design in both London and New York on the theory that the Whitechapel murderer is probably the same criminal who operated in Texas, but who has changed his field of action.
The fact that the murders and mutilation of women in Texas has ceased for some time now, argues for the assumption that the murderer has gone elsewhere. The characteristic features of the murders in London match the ones in Texas. The witnesses who claimed to have seen a man with the women who were murdered in London, are all agreed that he is a foreign-looking man, and speaks with an American accent.
It is therefore quite possible and even probable that the murderer of women in the United States is the murderer of women in London.


The circumstances surrounding the two new murders which occurred in London last Sunday morning, and promptly telegraphed by our correspondent, leave no doubt that they are the work of the same hand as the previous four.
The murderer of women, the "thief of uteri" - as he is called by the people of London - or Jack the Ripper lives up to his name - far from intimidated by persecution and surveillance he has become more bold, and no longer is he satisfied with one victim per week, but has now begun to commit double murder.
The two murders committed on Sunday morning were made in an interval of one hour, in the same neighborhood, barely fifteen minutes away from each other.
The first victim was discovered shortly before one o'clock, in a courtyard of Berner Stret, in the City. A few yards from where the body lay International Club members, who are almost all Jews, were celebrating a party with great reinforcement of voices and songs. Even if the victim had called out, it would have been impossible to hear it.
When mentioned, the caretaker of the club, who lives in the house immediately to the east, was returning with multiple purchases in a cart, and while attempting to cross the courtyard of his house he saw a lump on the floor and got down from his horse. The lump did not move to the voices or a whip, and getting off the janitor saw a woman who he believed was drunk. So he called several club members outside to assist him with the obstacle, but when he had lit a match, the group stepped back aghast at the spectacle that their eyes beheld.
The woman was beheaded, her face was full of gashes, but she had escaped the disemboweling of the bowels.
The body was still warm. She was dressed without luxury as an immoral woman of evil life. In one hand she had a handful of sweets, and the other a handful of grapes.
A woman whose bedroom door opens onto the courtyard, said that at a quarter to one she heard the footsteps of the policeman who was doing his rounds in the street, and that after a bolt of lightning came out and she spent some minutes in the door. Neither she nor the police saw anything in the yard. This, coupled with the fact that the body was warm when they found her, shows that the noise of the janitor's cart, was what had alarmed the murderer, and that he fled his dismal unfinished task of removing the memento of the uterus by the approaching of the clerk of the club.

The second victim was found in a miserable and ill-lit square, called Mitre Square, where not a soul passes at night, connected to three lanes and that is one step away from Saint James Street, one of the most aristocratic of London.
The new victim was also beheaded, and also had a face full of gashes, the abdomen was opened, the intestines had been piled on the breast and the uterus had been removed. The body must have not been there for long.
The body was discovered by a police officer who, fifteen minutes earlier, had walked into the square to make his rounds. Creese that the murderer and his victim snared the time we had just passed the police to get into the darkest part of the square, leaving the woman deceived with the intention of immoral purpose. The murderer just had, therefore, twelve minutes to commit the murder and the taking of the uterus. But the most extraordinary case is that the guardian of a department store there in the square was close by and he had not heard the slightest sound. However, he even heard perfectly the footsteps of the policeman when he approached slowly before he discovered the corpse.
The two new victims are called Elizabeth Stride, known among her peers with the nickname of the Long Isabel and Wally Warden. Both were women from thirty to forty years, both licentious and who frequented taverns, and ultimately, particularly extraordinary, the two were married and separated from their husbands just as the four women killed earlier.


Three days before the two new murders, the Central Agency received a letter written in red ink and signed by Jack the Ripper. In it, the murderer of women, or one who claimed to be the one, announced that it would take a lot to get him, and that he would continue gutting until he was caught, and that he would send the ears of the next girl he killed to the police. The letter ended with these words, "They say I'm a doctor now. Ha! Ha!" The Central News Agency believed that it was a dismal farce. But the face of the two women killed on Sunday, were full of slashes, which is not what the murderer did before, which really lends some character to the face of Jack the Ripper. The point and spelling of the letter are from someone of good education. The police claim meanwhile, that the murderer must have looked decent, because since the beginning of the crimes they have continued to be very guarded of all the suspected men who walk on the streets looking for prostitutes.

Source: El Cronista, November 9, 1888

Karen Trenouth
Author of: "Epiphany of the Whitechapel Murders"
Author of: "Jack the Ripper: The Satanic Team"

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