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Not Carl Neilson

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Not Carl Neilson

Post by Karen on Sat 17 Jul 2010 - 7:28

Tom Wescott, who has repeatedly stated that Charles Legrand's real name was Carl Neilson, is again most categorically, incorrect.

New York Police Arrest Sailor for the Murder of Sarah Martin.

Identified as Man Who Went to the Hotel With the Woman.

NEW YORK, Dec. 22. - By the arrest today of Emil Totterman, a Swedish sailor, the police believe that they have cleared up the mystery of the murder of Sarah Martin, whose mutilated body, recalling the famous "Jack the Ripper" crimes, was found yesterday afternoon in Kelly's hotel, a low sailors' resort on the East River front.
The arrest, which was made in the Sailors' union headquarters, followed information received from detectives who were sent to Bridgeport, Conn., to follow up a clew furnished by a purchase of check of Meigs & Co. of Bridgeport for a pair of shoes and a sweater which was found in the room in which the crime was committed. On the wrapper of a parcel left in the room by the murderer was written in pencil the name "Fred C. Belano" and underneath the name "E. Totterman."

Get Trace of the Murderer.

The detectives reported from Bridgeport that the schooner Fred C. Belano was lying at that port and that a sailor named Totterman had been discharged from her Saturday. They also obtained a good description of the man who on Saturday purchased the shoes and sweater from Meigs & Co.
Furnished with this description, the detectives in this city picked out Totterman from among a crowd of seamen at the Sailors' union. When searched there was found on him a sailor's clasp knife, the blade of which appeared to bear blood stains.
At police headquarters the prisoner was fully identified by James Kelly, proprietor of the hotel, his wife and other persons as the man who Saturday night accompanied Sarah Martin to the room in which her body was found. Totterman declared that he had never been at the hotel, although he admitted that he had come from Bridgeport Saturday. He also denied having purchased there the shoes and sweater.

Held As "Suspicious Character."

After undergoing a long examination by Inspector McCluskey and Assistant District Attorney Garvin he was arraigned in the police court and remanded on the technical charge of being a "suspicious character." Later Louis Baldwin and Parker T. Silvernail, salesmen for Meigs & Co., fully identified Totterman as the man who bought the shoes and sweater.
The police say that Totterman is also known as Carl Neilson.

Source: The Quincey Daily Whig, December 23, 1903, Page 9

So we have:

- Charles Legrand, the forger and blackmailer of wealthy women, whose aliases included - "Howard Adams", "Charles Grandy", "Christian Briscony", "French Colonel", "Dutch Colonel", "Captain Anderson", "William Wallace". His real name however was Carlo Sesicovich/Sesicovitch.

- Carl Neilson, the murderer of Sarah Martin (story above), whose real name was Emil Totterman.

- Charles Grande, the private detective from the British and Foreign Private Enquiry Agency, who, along with J.H. Batchelor, paid a visit to Matthew Packer in order to inquire about the man he saw with Elizabeth Stride on the evening of September 29, 1888. It is unclear if Charles Grande was his real name or not.

So, why is Tom Wescott blending the particulars of three individuals into his pet suspect, Charles Legrand? On the Casebook message boards, he has claimed that Legrand's real name was Carl Neilson, but Carl Neilson was actually named Emil Totterman. Although Tom is to be credited for his research and the length of time involved in researching, he should have been more diligent in checking that his information was founded on facts, which he could have gleaned from newspaper articles from the period in question.

Karen Trenouth
Author of: "Epiphany of the Whitechapel Murders"
Author of: "Jack the Ripper: The Satanic Team"

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