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The Veiled Woman

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The Veiled Woman

Post by Karen on Sat 3 Jul 2010 - 17:37




An Announcement by Scotland Yard Detectives That "Jack the Ripper" Has Been for Many Years in His Grave - The Sanderson Murder.

Special Dispatch to the Democrat and Chronicle.

London, Dec. 8. - (Copyright, 1894.) - Two ladies of the correspondent's family were making calls just after dusk yesterday in Kensington. They had some difficulty in finding the new address of a friend, and not seeing a policeman they stopped to inquire the way to Queen's Gate Terrace of a group of four women who happened to be approaching. Before they had time to address two words of their question the four women turned and fled with every evidence of sudden terror. The ladies walked on a few steps, met two more women and attempted to make the same inquiry. The second couple seemed seized with even greater alarm than the first group. They gathered up their skirts and ran across the street and away without waiting to hear the question.
This extraordinary power to put British maids and matrons to flight by a word, so amused the two American women that they tested it once or twice more, with the same result, except that one woman retained sufficient self-possession to call back "don't know" over the shoulder, as she ran away.
This incident furnishes striking proofs of the literal reign of terror now prevailing in one of the most fashionable quarters of London by reason of the series of strange crimes about which the cable has already told you something. A mysterious veiled woman in black, whose mania is to stab others of her sex, has appeared no less than five times within a week in a district less than half a mile square, and although scores of detectives are lying in wait for her she is still at large. In each case she approached her victim with an inquiry about a certain street. Her first victim lost an eye, the second was stabbed in the neck, narrowly escaping a fatal wound. The fear of her is now widespread, so that others she accosted fled before she could strike. There is some suspicion that she is a small man in disguise, as all describe her voice as gruff, but the police believe her to be a woman, undoubtedly insane.
There is no direct connection between these crimes and young Saunderson's murder of an abandoned woman in the same Kensington district, but certain experts in mental diseases and criminologists endeavor to trace the epidemic of violent crime in London to a single source, namely the great public agitation over the South End murder mystery, a crime for which Read was hanged last Tuesday. The authorities have been extremely alarmed lest another "Jack the Ripper" scare seize the popular mind, and this led them early this week to make the important announcement that they have reason to believe the author of the "Jack the Ripper" crimes has been several years in his grave. More than this the Scotland Yard authorities refuse to divulge.

Source: The Democrat Chronicle (Rochester, N.Y.), Sunday December 9, 1894

Karen Trenouth
Author of: "Epiphany of the Whitechapel Murders"
Author of: "Jack the Ripper: The Satanic Team"

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