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Stirring Up Hatred

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Stirring Up Hatred

Post by Karen on Thu 20 May 2010 - 2:41



Among the most interesting news of our reserved times - but also the most humiliating modern reason and the most likely to make modest - that is happening in London, about the despicable killing of women in Whitechapel, certainly deserves the first place.

Killings occur in a repeated small area in the midst of women dedicated to the debauchery, these murders are accompanied by special horrors, and the police are unable or powerless, the perpetrators of these killings remain unpunished momentary ously, one can imagine.... what? To blame the Jews who are, as everyone knows, assassins by profession, and even assassins by doctrine?

The British newspaper so widespread and so influential, the Times was not afraid to publish, and several French newspapers - Republicans, even radical ones - were not afraid to play without comment, without protest, the following article:

"By the way, is it telegraphed to Vienna, about the atrocious murders recently committed in London, it is interesting to see a crime of similar nature exactly which great public concern in this country, there nearly three years. A Galician Jew, named Ritter, was accused in 1881 of having killed and mutilated a Christian woman in a village near Krakow.

"The mutilation was the same as the one we found on the corpse of the woman Chapman, and during the debate many witnesses deposed that among some Jewish fanatics, there reigned a superstition, that if a Jew began a relationship with a Christian, he should, by way of atonement, kill and maim the object of his passion.

"Slate is to support various passages in the Talmud, according to witnesses, expressly sanctioned this kind of atonement.

The trial caused a great sensation, and Ritter had been convicted, and was sentenced to death.

"However, the judges of the appellate court, convinced that the accused was the victim of anti-Semitic prejudices, broke the first trial.

A second time the jury found against Ritter, the new ruling was again overturned by the appellate court for want of form.

A third trial was initiated for the third time, Ritter was sentenced to be hanged, but this time the Court of Appeal quashed the sentence and Ritter was released after undergoing an imprisonment of 37 months. There is no doubt that this man was innocent, but the testimony about the superstitions that still exist among a number of his fellow ignorant and degraded, has not disappeared and has never been completely refuted. "

Thus, the trial of the unfortunate Ritter convicted three times, three times and finally acquitted even in Poland, constitutes, in the eyes of influential writers, - in the capitals of the civilized world - a presumption enough to acknowledge - as does a mob of vagabonds - any race, any even without any evidence to prove it. Thus, people who hold a pen, who claim to rule the public, are not afraid to stir up filthy hatred! They cite the Talmud that they never read, incorrectly, even in translation, to transform murders (committed certainly to fly) into an atonement ritual! And it is surprising that prejudices do not weaken, the blood libel retains its strength! Also on the evening of October 2 in a "meeting of indignation held in Whitechapel, in the Jewish Quarter, an indigent, a speaker (!) had not been afraid to publicly accuse Jews of being the perpetrators of the murders of the East End! The Times had paved the way for this speaker! Indeed, progress is a beautiful thing, and the writers who profess to fight against prejudice, would do well to disarm! There is no evidence that he too must always be alert!

Source: Archives Israelites, Volume 49, October 11, 1888, Page 327

Karen Trenouth
Author of: "Epiphany of the Whitechapel Murders"
Author of: "Jack the Ripper: The Satanic Team"

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