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Torso Found In Vault

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Torso Found In Vault

Post by Karen on Tue 11 May 2010 - 18:59


Another victim of the murderer of Whitechapel, London, was discovered today in a vault of the new police bureau which is under construction near the Thames Quay. The body was found bound and covered with canvas. The arms and legs were missing. Was found in Lambeth, Pimlico an arm, presumably belonging to the corpse discovered. The consternation of the audience is far from calm and, upon this new discovery, no less big. Large crowds throughout the day visit Berner Street and Mitre Square, which differ by some merchants to establish their chosen food places. The newspapers are read aloud, and full participation people will discuss the details of the murders. Among the inhabitants of Whitechapel constantly prevails such a great fear that some, belonging to the propertied working class are rushing to move to safer areas. The government and the police have been given the strictest reprimand. With regards to the proof of the last incompetence we shall include notice that an hour after the murder in Mitre Square villains stole no less than 1,500 pounds from a nearby post office, without attracting attention. Colonel Sir Alfred Kizly, commander of a battalion of engineers, has given out 100 pp to help capture the murderer and has offered to submit fifty available persons to the authorities, to help the people of Whitechapel. Financially, a newspaper sent a bill for 300 pp to Mr. Matthews, minister of internal affairs, with a request to accept this sum, the promise of a premium for the discoverer of the murderer, but the donee gave the bill back .
The Lord Mayor of London has offered 500 p. st. for the discovery of the murderer. The Mitre square victim's identity has been yet established, so it is now knowable. An important indication of the perpetrator has been found in the fact that near Berner Street a piece of a whole blood-stained apron was found, which the police decided that the killer tore a piece off, to dry his bloody hands when he went home again, and consequently, he must live in the vicinity of Berner Street, ie in the heart of Whitechapel, from where he operates his crimes. This conclusion is very likely, since it is not possible that someone, completely stained with blood, coud go very far away from the place of the crime without attracting attention.

Source: Schiedamsche Courant, 05/10/1888, Page 3

Karen Trenouth
Author of: "Epiphany of the Whitechapel Murders"
Author of: "Jack the Ripper: The Satanic Team"

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Re: Torso Found In Vault

Post by Guest on Thu 8 Jul 2010 - 0:52

The band clearly knows how to write a song, toying with progressive
structures and time signature shifts that don't feel out of place or
insipid. The chunky downtuned riffs are often quite similar to Maltese
slammers Beheaded and Abysmal Torment,
both of which exhibit grind leanings, and so it is as well in the case
of this album, though not so much that it's overbearing. As with most
slam, the catchiest sections rely on well timed and tight percussion
and low-end, and Berto really knows how to pound the skins with
accuracy and taste. I wish there were more sections where he played
some nice tom fills or something, but his cymbal use is rather
impeccable, especially in regards to subtle hits between breakdown
riffs. As for vocals, this guy has no problem pretending he's Ruben
Rosas, so I'm fine with that, of course! Some layered scream/harsh
vocals on top of gutturals remind me of Disgorge on She Lay Gutted
(title track of that especially), and of course, if you sound like
Matti, you're A-OK in my book too. No problems in the vocal department.
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