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Sadler's Wife Is Interviewed

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Sadler's Wife Is Interviewed

Post by Karen on Wed 28 Apr 2010 - 14:06

Jack the Ripper.

Sadler's wife who is a representative of the Daily Telegraph in a town in Kent, where they had already lived for two years was interviewed. She is a nice woman who works hard and is much younger than her husband. She now lives with her aged mother and two children and works hard to maintain the family needs. Fifteen years ago she came to know Sadler, she married him and they settled in London, but around August 5, she left her husband, because they could not pay high rent, he went back to Kent. I saw him about seven months later. That was in June 1889, when he wrote me and I talked to him in Fenchurch Street. It was Saturday evening. I asked him what he was doing. Sunday he was working, and he asked me afterwards, to get him at 4 o'clock, adding: if you do not see me, wait until six o'clock. I went to the appointed place and waited, an hour later I saw a man who, every time I looked at him, turned his back on me and walked away. He was so good at disguise that I did not know him until he said to me: How long are you planning to stand still? I said: Well if you saw me, why did you wait for me? Only when he addressed me, I knew that he was my husband. Why he was in disguise I do not know. He asked me: Do you sometimes say you know me? I replied in the negative. That evening I was with him for five hours until eleven o'clock, and we needed to purchase a bed in a house, but as I had been crying and people thought we had been fighting, we were refused in two places. He said that I was to blame, and continued: You know what, you go your way and I mine. I do not want anything more to do with your life. Then I walked along Backchurch Lane, Whitechapel and then came to a policeman. Sadler grabbed me and said, "Come on Sally, what does this mean, you're not afraid of me. We went to purchase a house and sitting there a woman came in who said to my husband: So, Tom, how are you? I didn't say anything, and he was seething: Thank you, it does me good. The woman said: These guys, that you had that night, have gone to Manchester. I said nothing, but the woman said with a curse, "Who are you anyway?" I slept that night with friends and went back home on Monday. During the evening, my husband had said to me: I can spot the point where those women were killed. I said: Thank you, I do not have any interest. He continued: Do you not think that guy must have been crafty? How could a thing like that happen near a police station? I do not know where the place was. I saw my husband on December 2, when he came home accordingly. Christmas Eve he went aboard his ship. Thomas Sadler, so read the latest reports, has to write a letter to one of the agents of the company in whose service he is, for him to ask him to help him out, so as to prove his innocence in the Whitechapel case . He consistently denies having committed the crime. The history of the knife that he has sold - so far the heaviest charge against him - is, as he claims, completely false. Also, the men who fought Sadler claimed to have consciousness of that night, before the judge made statements about the confirmation of his story about fighting. Other circumstances, however, are very aggravating in nature again in doubt as to whether he is Jack the Ripper. Sadler is actually the son of an attorney's clerk, who has long been deceased. From his youth he had been at sea continuously. Sadler was on board various ships, in which he filled various services, he was a carpenter, cook, student and an activist in recent years which he seems to have remained. He was 15 years ago married to the aforementioned woman, Sarah D. and was living in Whitechapel, where he was a clerk in the factory in Buck's Row, precisely where one of the victims of Jack the Ripper, Nicholls, was found. Some time later he was coachman to the tram line from Poplar to Commercial Road and likewise a woman there was killed by Jack. All this, combined with the details that Sadler's wife has told us conflict with other circumstances in which have come to light is sufficient to establish that the charges alleged against him have every reason not to be very grounded.

Source: Nieuwe Amersfoortsche Courant, 25/02/1891, Page 2

Karen Trenouth
Author of: "Epiphany of the Whitechapel Murders"
Author of: "Jack the Ripper: The Satanic Team"

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