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The Murders In London

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The Murders In London

Post by Karen on Tue 27 Apr 2010 - 16:02

The Murders In London.

London is constantly finding itself completely so, one may say, throughout the UK, in horror and consternation, under the influence of the numerous murders, which are the most terrible and mysterious circumstances committed in the capital, without the offender, so far, being caught. As we know, the victims are all women of suspect morals, and remain the target of crimes actually completely unknown. No wonder the English newspapers every day impart columns full of details and considerations concerning this matter. We borrow it too: weather prevailed during the last two nights the greatest emotion in the East End, they had learned that the police had received letters, reporting that the murderer was at his dreadful work again. The shock was further increased when one Saturday afternoon, the letters revealed that they were written by who is termed the "Jack the Ripper." Only when the hour, that the murder was declared over, did calmness return to the frightened hearts of the inhabitants of Whitechapel and they regained their normal lives. The police have taken extraordinary measures in order to renew ties to prevent another brutal horror. Not only will the ordinary police, but it is helped by the brave volunteers of the Surveillance Committee. At night, every corner is guarded, and all the people who somewhat try to be suspiciously avoided, have been detained until they are completely cleared of all suspicions. Despite all these efforts there has been hitherto found not the slightest sign that might give some hope to find the killer. They have received so-called descriptions of the murderer from several people who believe to have seen him. But those descriptions contain such differences in the details, that they had not the slightest weight attached to them. The other districts of London are diligently monitored. More and more so the police have the conviction that the murderer lives in the immediate vicinity of the place where the crimes have taken place. Some suppose the killer is successful in the police losing his trail, because after every one of his attacks he takes flight by the subterranean sewers of London. Although this would be very difficult, it is not entirely impossible, since the criminal can possess a key to the iron doors that come out into the street. It is said that the police officers have been sent out dressed as women, so as to try to get hold of the murderer. This information also has innumerable difficulties. Against this terrible horror a great, extraordinary means must be found. Even more different, highly divergent and partly very absurd assumptions about the suspected murderer are expressed. According to Dr. Edgard Sheppard he must be a fanatic who thinks of Providence receiving the shipment to have fought the lust for murder. Others maintain that it has to do with the blind instrument of the one or other daring scholar who researches and documents the expense of certain body parts. This view bases itself primarily to this, the killer has the habit of tearing the viscera from the body of his victims. In 1828, two murderers, Burke and Hare, after murdering 12 or 13 people, sold their corpses to a doctor for the price of 5 pounds each. Still others blame the Jews, and finally one suspects even zealots of the Salvation Army, which, as is known, also sets out to fight prostitution. The boldness of the crime in Berner Street jumps more in sight as one knows better the circumstances. Not only were all the lights lit at the socialist club, but there was even a door about 3 meters from the place where the crime had taken place, wide open, and there was a flood of light from the street. There were several residents of surrounding houses still in bed. In those circumstances was the fear that at any moment a passerby could approach, and yet the crime was accomplished, and no one had seen anything. What's more, at the moment of the murder, the cook and her helper had been in the kitchen, whose door was open, so they were just some feet away from the victim - and they had not heard anything. According to the Star there has been found in the Thames, the eighth female corpse. The police do not really know who is the main dealer. Scarcely had they received the message from New York, which accused a Malay of the murders, words were reported of yet another sensational news story. A young girl of 19 years, from Altona moved to London in the month of August and since that time there has been no sign of her. Last Thursday in the house, where the girl from Altona lived, a package in which contained the hair of the missing girl was recovered. It presupposes, of course, that she was murdered in London.

Title: De Moorden Te Londen
Publication: NKO
Page: 2
Date: 13 October 1888

Karen Trenouth
Author of: "Epiphany of the Whitechapel Murders"
Author of: "Jack the Ripper: The Satanic Team"

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