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Discovery On Lord Mayor's Day

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Discovery On Lord Mayor's Day

Post by Karen on Fri 16 Apr 2010 - 6:35


The London police are still searching in vain for "Jack the Ripper." After the recent murders in Whitechapel, Sir Charles Warren, the chief of police has already offered 100 pounds for the identification of the mysterious killer, now is also the so-called royal pardon secured for indirect accomplices, that the chief culprit be reveaedl if they personally know about the murder and mutilation but have not participated. The bloodhounds appear not to be used. It was Friday morning when the inspectors, first arrived in Dorset Street - the site of the new murder - to have their troops cordon off the whole circumference, and then telegraphed headquarters for the dogs to be sent, but a few minutes later they received the reply that the four-legged friends could not be sent. The inspectors had thought of sending for the dogs, to the site of the murder, in the hopes that the relatively low open ground retained a trace of the criminal, but an immense crowd was soon on its feet, which would make it difficult for the dogs to have succeeded. And there was a much more important thing to consider. A few days before as the bloodhounds were being tested, the dogs ran away, but had not returned, so that Warren could not possibly send them! Among the people prevailed such an indescribable agitation: as it was already the Lord Mayor's Day and the 47th birthday of the Prince of Wales, there was a numerous crowd on their feet, and then the rumor of a new murder in the neighborhood of Spitalfields spread before the Mayor's show began. All the people flocked towards the said district. Soon was also an army of police officers needed there to maintain order, which proved difficult because the women from the surrounding streets, were showing violent indignation against the woman murderer and vowed revenge by showing a great desire to tear apart the first man who appears suspicious! Occasionally, individuals with a more favorable appearance are protected from abuse by the police or are sometimes removed to the police office after some re-examination at large had been made. Meanwhile rumors abound about the victim herself. Some had Mary Jane Kelly, murdered so recently, as ten-thirty in the morning.
Thursday evening, others had heard her singing in her room, others saw her out on Friday morning at 8 hours buying milk, and some even claimed to see her on Friday morning at ten hours, in Dorset-street talking with a well-dressed man. At eleven hours today, the crime was already discovered by a man who came to Mary Jane's room to collect her rent, and getting no response he looked through the pane of a broken window to peek inside, where he saw the murdered victim in bed lying in a horrible state of indescribable mutilation. We wonder why the murderer changed the location of his hideous mutilation this time. Now his horror has not been on the street or in an adjacent garden, but in the room of the murdered woman, and therefore making detection completely useless. Many think that he is a lunatic or monomaniac, especially since no part of the body has been taken. Others whisper that the latest murders each occured at the end of the week and that, usually the merchant ships arrive in the Thames on Thursdays and return to sea on Saturday or Sunday, ie, they ask whether the perpetrator might be a killer or a cowboy of those boats, and thus do not live in Whitechapel, Spitalfields or the adjacent neighborhoods, not even in London, or even in England. While the police searched for him in the immediate vicinity on Friday, by doing house to house searches, the killer, they say, may already be at sea again. Others remain of the opinion that he has known the secrets of the neighborhood, and perhaps stands among the spectators, as they talk about him on the street. This view is hardly spoken, and everyone has become anxious about his surroundings, and all too soon discovers a suspicious person, causing countless false arrests. Mary Jane Kelly, who was assassinated today, is actually the 7th victim of the same series: the first was an unknown woman, murdered during Christmas week in the previous year, the second was found on August 7, the third on August 31, the fourth on Sept 7., 5th and 6th on Sept 30. and 7th on November 9 - The London police are using a thousand resources in vain to discover the culprit, and the voluntary police, which formed in the sensitive areas has so far found nothing, not even a trace or indication is found.

Karen Trenouth
Author of: "Epiphany of the Whitechapel Murders"
Author of: "Jack the Ripper: The Satanic Team"

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