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Mass In Secret Sects

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Mass In Secret Sects

Post by Karen on Thu 8 Apr 2010 - 5:26

The Mass in secret sects
Antigua Masonry

In the credited Italian magazine the reverend Jesuit Fathers drafted the title of La Civilta Cattolica (1,067 notebooks for the last month of December), this interesting excerpt:

There has been no natural or positive religion, old or new, true or false that has not accepted the idea of a sacrifice and did not check with the appropriate rites. Also the hated masonic sect, although it boasts of simple civil society, through a hateful parody slaughters the Mass. The place where they meet the Hh. call this temple are the shrines at which they bow down, pray, swear and listen to the sermon in which the celebrant recites in the name of catechism. In most of the main altars, are side altars, where they burn the perfumes for certain higher degree initiations. In the contruction of the temple, it is given a kind of marriage, a kind of communion of sweet bread, the funeral for the deceased, singing the Veni Creator, as the canons in the choir, but understood and remade in the Masonic mode. The Herm: In the Rosicrucians, there is the simple regular minister or priest of Freemasonry, about which there is a kind of prelature: The Head of the Tabernacle and the Great Sacrificer, the latter acts as Mitra served by Ministers and call themselves Levites. They also have a pope who they call Holy Father. For ritual obligation, they incense the Baphomet, in the figure of a horned goat, and celebrate Mass. The final ceremony at the initiation of a Rosicrucian, the initiator says Mass in the corresponding altar, covered with a piece of cloth, bread and wine laid on the calyx. The celebrant distributes both items, saying: Eat and give to those who are hungry, drink, and give to those who are thirsty, and in this way assists in the communion. Here's how Masonry is an effective diabolical religion, devoted to the good god, that is, Lucifer, as he is called by the Palladists, but is really Satan as they want other Masons. This religion also has their clergy and lay people: among the former are those enshrined Cabarello Kadoch, and outside of the sect, the rabble of all mankind is profane, heathen, snakes, as they say in certain rituals. The Rosicrucians are responsible for the sacrifice of the Mass, and it remains to be seen which is the genius that offers the sacrifice to Masonry, among the multitude of gods whose cults allows lodges: the sun, the bull, Nature, etcetera. It is Jehovah Adonai, that is, the God of the Old and New Testaments, but the Spirit of Adonai is an enemy of good. Against Adonai, all Cabarello Kadoch have pointed the dagger screaming revenge Nekane Anonai. For the Masonic clergy Jesus Christ is not only a man, but a brother mason and preacher of Gnosticism, and according to modern rituals, a traitor to God's eternal truth. The masonic synagogue, Adonai hates and curses him, teaching Mason candidates, that he is a wicked, arrogant god, a cruel enemy of the human race that departs from any development in civil society and the welfare of all sentient beings, preparing them for an undeserved hell. So that is the sacrifice offered by Herm. Rosicrucians, also burn incense and pray that they go to the good spirit, the angel of light and fire, the eternal lover of men, who frequently appears in the Masonic ritual, as an opponent of the evil spirit. In this spirit and good Eblis, for Masons is none other than Lucifer, Satan, the devil. According to the rituals they say, promises to catechists Eblis's dogmatic sect, beatifying their children, not only on earth, but sanctifying their passions in the afterlife, where Eblis's beloved Queen is independent of Adonai and inaccessible to their unjust vengeance. In this faith of Freemasonry the sublime Jose Carducci has sung as a song of faith contrary to the Vatican, as such:

He passes
The Great Satan
Skipping beneficially
From place to place
On the irresistible
Chariot of fire
Sacred to thee rise
Incense and Reviews
You won over the Jehovah's priests

Masonic sects in all the various ceremonies of sacrifice are a blatant parody of the Catholic Holy Mass, which is hideously mocked by ungodly and obscene ceremonies. In some lodges the Mass is celebrated by the Sisters, with such vestidu ras and rites, which were obviously dedicated to the Spirit of calling the Gospel unclean.

Source: El Siglo Futuro, 7 January, 1895

Karen Trenouth
Author of: "Epiphany of the Whitechapel Murders"
Author of: "Jack the Ripper: The Satanic Team"

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Post by Baphomet on Fri 9 Apr 2010 - 13:57

In 1365 an ageing Dominican Friar wrote to the Pope to beg for absolution. He was nearing the end of his life and did not wish to meet his maker with a terrible sin in his heart. He had invented the name and creature 'Baphomet' to emphasise the heresy of the Knights Templar. Eliphas Levi drew baphomet in the mid 19th century, prior to which, baphomet was just a name.
If it is of any interest, satan should read 'ha satan' and means 'The Accuser'. It is not an entity of any description, but a job title.
As for Lucifer, this is a mistranslation by Jerome in the 4th century, of the name of a Babylonian King (Halel ben Shahar) which translated into English is 'Bright Morning Star[Venus] Son Of Dawn' . Translated into Latin it is 'Lucifer'.
Hope this helps.


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Re: Baphomet

Post by Karen on Fri 9 Apr 2010 - 16:00

You are correct that "Ha-Satan" means "The Accuser" or "The Adversary", and the reason for that is because Satan is constantly accusing God's righteous people of being demons. This is evident in how the Masonic fraternity treat those who are "truthtellers". If an honest person tries to apprise society at large about what they really are about, they turn nasty and attempt to demonize the person by "falsely exposing them" - or falsely bearing witness against them.

As for Lucifer, he is the evil light-bringer. In Greek, the word "Luce" translates into "light". He is not the good light-bringer, which as we know, is Jesus Christ, the son of God. Lucifer is an evil angel that was cast down from heaven for being proud, jealous, disobedient and vain. He also was so jealous of God that he planned to stage a coup to overthrow him, along with his creepy evil disciples (the "army" of evil angels, including Samael).

As for Baphomet, it is a demon that Satanists use to worship the Devil. There is even an incantation that is uttered to summon or invoke him. He is supremely evil and demands human sacrifice as soon as he is invoked. The Knights Templar utilized this idol to become extremely powerful as soldiers in war and to become rich.
Baphomet is not just a name - it is a powerful God whose representation is that of a goat. His actual name is "Abufihamet", which translates into the "Father of Knowledge/Baptism", however this is not the good baptist known as John, but the evil Baptist known as Samael. You must remember that it is "as above, so below." For every good entity, there is an opposite entity that represents evil. For instance:

God Above - El Shaddai, Adonai, Yahweh, The Creator
God Below - Satan, The Accuser, Devil, The Adversary, The Destroyer

Good Christ/Lightbearer - Jesus Christ
Evil Christ/Lightbearer - Lucifer

Angels Above - Michael, Gabriel, Raphael, Uriel, Metatron, Zuriel, Usiel, Suriel, Cassiel, Azrael, Barbiel, Af, Ariel, Duma, Leo, Saniel, Sabaoth, Puriel, Hofniel, Gadriel, Gamaliel, Emmanuel
Angels Below - Samael, Lucifer, Lillith, Naberius, Morax, Ipos, Lahash, Mephistopheles, Furfur, Azael, Azazel, Beelzebub, Belial, Belphegor, Bune, Zagan, Shax, Uzza, Valac, Vepar, Flauros, Gaap, Caim, Forneus

First Man and Woman Above - Adam and Eve (who began a bloodline)
First Man and Woman Below- Samael and Lilith (who began a bloodline)


I hope that this has been of some help to you. Thanks for posting, Baphomet.

Karen Trenouth
Author of: "Epiphany of the Whitechapel Murders"
Author of: "Jack the Ripper: The Satanic Team"

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Re: Mass In Secret Sects

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