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Charges Against The Templars

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Charges Against The Templars

Post by Karen on Wed 7 Apr 2010 - 20:03

The Temple, Order of the Middle Ages initiatory
by Jean Henri Bolle
Templar Doctrine
Part IV

After only briefly tracing the history of the Knights Templar (see numbers 59, 60 and 61 of the Bulletin), we can only examine the allegations made against them. They can be classified into five major groups:

1. In the initiation, the recipients were forced to deny Christ and spit and trample on the cross.
2. In the Capitular Assemblies the Templars worshiped an idol called Baphomet.
3. Chaplains who read the Mass did not speak the words of consecration, thereby preventing the fulfillment of the mystery of transubstantiation.
4. In the East, the Templars had, on various occasions, betrayed the interests of the Christian princes for the infidels.
5. The Templars practices, including sodomy.

It is naturally very difficult, after six centuries to do the trial of the Templars, forming even an approximate idea of the truth. Do not forget that the Knights Templar was, especially in its upper grades, a secret organization, the strictly historical evidence we have collected are, of course, incomplete. Furthermore, it is clear that it can not be granted a decisive value of statements, torture, the Templars ripped: however, it should be noted that in certain countries where they had not made use of torture, although to a lesser degree in France with regard to denying Christ, spitting on the cross and immoral practices.
Much has been written about the Templars, both accused of the worst events to present his defense. Modern writers generally believe in the innocence of the Order. The division is but a matter of perspective: the supporters of freedom of conscience, of course, are among the defenders of the Templars, in opposition, it is clear that in the eyes of the Catholic Church, the Templars were guilty and that exemplary punishment, such as extermination, it was necessary for the health of spiritual authority. It needs, in the appreciation of this great tragedy of the Middle Ages, to be made fully aware of the spirit of the time; an era from which it has been said that the fires were ignited by a yes or no. That recall some facts: in 1212, one hundred citizens of Strasbourg were burned by eating meat on a Friday, in 1235, Steding residents perished at the stake for refusing to tithe to the ecclesiastical authority, as is known. Finally, the bloody crusade against the killer Albigevis and fire in the town of Beziers - a small detail illustrates admirably the spirit of the Church in this crusade. Soldiers asked the abbot of Citeaux in distinguishing the heretics from the orthodox, to which I quote: - Kill them all, and God knows recognize theirs, and it will be understood that the Church could not tolerate the existence of an order that threatened seriously, both its power and for its heresy, to Catholicism. Before discussing the Templar heresy, let's see what is in the charge of sodomy brought against the Templars. In fact, you can not take this accusation so tragically: unnatural practices that were alleged were widespread in the Middle Ages and was not, much less a cardinal sin. Here is the story of a fact in evidence: According to the Chronicle of Alcuin, the future bishop, before being consecrated, were to provide the following oath:
1. not pederast
2. did not have intimate relationships with any religions
3. council had not ever held a quadruped sexual and
4. not living in concubinage.
If it was supposed to a future bishop - clergy who had vowed to get orders - capable of these crimes, how much more must be indulgent to go to the Templars, rough men, rather than religious warriors. The various accusations of heresy paracer us be more positive value. We have seen that, in the East, the Knights Templar had had occasion to come into contact with Muslim religious organizations, as well as Gnostic sects whose doctrines differed significantly from Roman orthodoxy. This is very plausible that the Knights Templar endorse the beautiful and seductive ideas that found among them who had the obligation to fight. From a strictly historical point of view, we do not have any explicit document about the secret doctrine of the Templars. The files are absolutely silent on this issue. It is true that the Church, when judging a case of heresy, no one bothered to find the why and how, or study the origin, or to establish patterns of expression in the body of doctrines or rites of heretical organizations. When it was a case of heresy, the ecclesiastical courts did not stop with subtle distinctions in bars, or bother to enforce judicial punishment commensurate with the seriousness of the offense. Against heresy, had always a sovereign remedy: the stake. Everything leads us to believe that aside from the Statute known around the world, the Knights Templar possessed a set of secret rules whose knowledge was reserved for the initiated in the upper grades that were symbolic expression in some rituals that should arouse the anger of Rome. It seems that out of the general statutes, as have been published in the work of Maillard Chambure, and the first ritual of initiation, there were other, Moldenhawer affirmed and, moreover, a passage from Du Puy - History the condemed the Templars, Brussels, 1752 - seems to ratify: "In the process of the Templars, one of the witnesses, the Master Raoul Preller, I declare that the gentleman Belvaco Gervaise, rector of the Temple in Laon, he had confessed that there was a book of statutes which give pedia content, but also there was any price other than it could teach.

Source: Boletin Oficial Del Grande Oriente Espanol, 10 January, 1932

Note: What most people do not realize is the fact that the King of France sent out his 12 spies to follow and infiltrate the Order of the Templars, and it was while this was carried out that the spies witnessed all of the acts explained above. Some acts witnessed were human sacrifice to the God Baphomet, sodomy with children and each other, spitting and trampling on the cross, mocking the Holy mass by holding Black Masses and much more. When the spies notified the King of these travesties, he and his Pope then planned the arrests. They already knew what the Templars were guilty of BEFORE the arrests and trials.

Karen Trenouth
Author of: "Epiphany of the Whitechapel Murders"
Author of: "Jack the Ripper: The Satanic Team"

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