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A Spanish Newspaper Report

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A Spanish Newspaper Report

Post by Karen on Mon 5 Apr 2010 - 20:27

A half mile from the site that the previous murders had taken place, another murder took place yesterday at the bow number 45 of the Bridge of the Great Railway. This is a site especially designed to commit the crime because, besides its dark, no windows of adjacent houses, where you can discover anything. But despite this, this is a deserted place at night, as one would think, for the reason that the immediate arches belonging to the railways serve as blocks to the horses, and traffic usually lasts later than two in the morning. The policeman, crossing the bow, came upon the body of a person, which led south of a drunken man who had chosen that place to sleep, but he brought the flashlight to see it, and found that a woman was dying from a cut throat, of which the neck was gushing blood and the wound still being from right to left, almost from one side to another. Not more than a half hour before, the policeman had passed and there was nobody there. The dead body was still warm, the policeman even saying that she had her eyes open and her lips moved, but she not could talk, and moments later she exhaled. He hastened to ask for help through the traditional whistle, and hearing it, a fellow officer arrived on the beat. The victim was a girl of 24 years and handsome. She had one leg over another and was lying on the ground on her back with one arm outstretched and the other on the chest. She had not appeared with disheveled clothing or mutilations. Making the necessary inquiries, the first thing he learned from a friend who knew the victim for six years, was that on the night of the crime, at twelve-thirty, she was walking with her friend when they approached a man, dressed in the style of sailors, cardigan and hat with a peak. He offered half a crown to Ellen Callaghan which is the name of the friend, and she was unwilling to accept because she was afraid the poor man's face was degenerative. The man took her aside, broke her dress and punched her in the face. The poor girl has been murdered, who did equal offer and that, it seems, was drunk, she accepted and went with him, and she saw them go in the direction of where the murder happened later. When a few hours later, with the speed of lightning, the news spread that it happened, the necklace was presented, sincerely believing that her friend was murdered and in fact, she was mistaken, in the act to identify Frances. One of the signs on the body of the victim which has appeared proven, is a scar on the back as a result of having fallen one night while returning home after drinking to excess. Since the incident was reported, the police have deployed extraordinary activity, but before there was any suspicion of the commission of a crime, a policeman stopped nearby where the murder had occurred, and saw a man wearing clothes stained with blood. The explanation he gave was that he had been assaulted during a robbery and that he had been wounded. The policeman was satisfied, because the case is quite common for those neighborhoods and let him go. But when he learned he was a murder occurred in that part, and a few hours after the alleged murderer was arrested, against whose serious concern that the man may be the murderer, because he confessed:
1. He knew the deceased. 2. It is true that he has lived with her, and 3. He scolded her that night. Other evidence against him, and can be made to believe that he is the famous Jack the Ripper, is that he has confessed to having been shipped as an engineer for eighteen months, which is precisely the time that no murder has occurred in Whitechapel. That is Jack the Ripper, the author of the last murder, an indication that there is that the woman is beheaded with a knife from right to left, this is mine made by seniority, Uneven made exactly as above. I, however, believe that Jack the Ripper did not commit suicide. That is a mistaken opinion that I do not think that is the famous murderer, because, in my eyes, if it were, which can not acerse illusions about the fate that Espar, anies suicilado been delivered. I have the belief that if they did not catch Jack the Ripper he would not commit suicide, he would go to the other world without admitting a single word, as did Pranzzini.
The monster that was capable of murdering ten women, will not show signs of repentance and own up, when nothing could bring the confession. What's more, I even think this man may be given the first case he died lynched for not being able to avoid the police. Such is the hatred that this monster has been achieved against ail whatever sport. If I'm wrong or not in my calculations, I know that before the arrival of this letter, the telegram is responsible for communicating about this issue when they come across.
I gave these details, which the telegraph surely did not forward, and added that there is only a very remote chance that the murderer is discovered. Is this probability is the first time I saw someone moments before the crime and that in case you're caught you may be identified. A recognition that was made yesterday that a witness who turned out said they had seen those sites with a woman to a man, has not recognized this when he presented to others, but this proves nothing, because it has been known that after the woman who accompanied the man to whom this witness is concerned, was in perfect health this morning, which, far from harm, favor the view of being arrested Jack The Ripper or at least the murderer of poor Frances. The press has called for the return to use sniffer dogs that have been so successful before. Tests were made last time and produced impressive results, unfortunately not for the crime because the opportunity had passed. Also indicated the desirability of police's use of the Salvation Army's General Booth, all of which proves that eventually the police may come to discover the perpetrator of the Whitechapel murders, and there are grounds for considering that credo and we are ten as the first day. And do not say that nobody is interested in exposing the murderer since no less than 5000 pounds have been received between the various offers made by corporations, and is sure to double or triple which will voluntarily produce a popular subscription. The general, with his prodigious habitat and bloodhound, has been an occasion to increase his popularity by dedicating his army to discover what the police have not discovered. That is useful by the contact elements that are his subordinates of all genus of unsavory characters, who try to bring the right path is clear. The trouble is that self-crossing issues are unavoidable and difficult to overcome. It would seem that what should happen is despite all the sorrow, and this reflection ocurred to me precisely because the day before she was killed, said the unfortunate woman on Friday - I can only say that I have more fear than one thing to die murdered by Jack the Ripper, but this is easy to avoid ... Having just seen the poor woman is not so easy!

Source: La Correspondencia De Espana, 22 February, 1891, No. 17

Karen Trenouth
Author of: "Epiphany of the Whitechapel Murders"
Author of: "Jack the Ripper: The Satanic Team"

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