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The Suspect Hendrik De Jong

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The Suspect Hendrik De Jong

Post by Karen on Sun 28 Mar 2010 - 0:01

Leeuwarden, 30 September.

The Sw. Ct. writes one of the following samples from Holland of De Jong's singular brutality:
The notorious Henry De Jong, Dr. De Jong he calls himself, who today the papers are full of, was seven weeks ago in Amsterdam, from Café Neuf, which he has already applied here, as a municipal physician, at a year's salary of f600 with free home and garden, and 14 days later, after he wrote out his documents in order to send them, and he learned that a personal reference was desired, he replied that he waived the application and had decided to settle in England and under the English flag he thither went. A combination of different minds have long been of the opinion suggesting that de Jong and Jack the Ripper were one and the same person, primarily because the one that is the London murderer is among the crew of Holland steamers have to think oughta be temporary and in Calcutta, de Jong, is known to have also lived. One of the pages have even considered it necessary to make a detailed rumor by pointing out that even the Ripper murders took place at the time the boy sat in prison. We have communicated nor the other - says the Tel. - Because we feel that this pervert's little agreement existed between brute and our cunning swindler. Now come back to us the same rumor from a tube, which in any case makes worth to be mentioned. The written thoughts between our police and the English were the aforementioned presumption which has already brought great probability. There was among the luggage of de Jong exception mentioned the medical books, medical operating tools were also found, which, as we know, the Ripper used to serve in his murder. Initially the law attached little value in the belief that they were just like the medical work of the Ripper, pretending to be of his quality of doctor. The message about finding the body of Miss Juett to Wolfnezen is, as the English newspapers appear to have transmitted to Maidenhead. Her father was because her moedar business absent and made ready to travel to Holland. Fortunately, of the poor woman who saved fruitless journey through the intervention of the English consul in Amsterdam, with great vigor the contradiction of the rumor brought to the attention of the subject, which are always the hope that their daughter alive. The Pall Mall Gazette devotes more than two columns to the mysterious disappearance and says de Jong speaking include the following: He is the type of one species, which is fortunately not numerous. Holland has not yielded many such people. The boy is suspected of having committed two murders ward and he sang to keep the point standing third victim to fall. He assumed that Mrs. Schmitz and Miss Juett within two and a half months out of the way cleared, the question arises of itself: how many women he killed in that time? According to them, who on de Jong's career and another one can know, is his case to the causes célèbres. Were desirable, however, he was extradited to Britain and there arrested. For all Sun in Holland he be found guilty of a dozen murders, then Sun is not he hung. There exists no adequate punishment in Holland. Furthermore dealt the same newspaper also: Mr. Juett is advised to go to Scotland Yard and the authorities there are interested to expose de Jong, so he stood proxy for de Jong's arrest and also filled the necessary papers for his extradition. On the whole the opinion is that the boy should be arrested in England for murder committed on a British citizen and that if he is found guilty, should be hung. We know in Holland that he will not be hanged and we feel that if he is hung, the bar will be far too light. The case is thought by the British authorities to be up to the Dutch meanwhile they are doing their best to identify the corpses. The members of the criminal commission in Amsterdam have sought the intervention of the Dutch newspapers for the scientists to come up, which persons in the evenings of August 30 and 31 in the corner of Holland, through Harwich, made the trip to London (Liverpool Street Station) in the company of the suspect de Jong. The defendant claims on August 31 having made the journey in the company of a woman about 40 years old, carrying a flambard and wearing a coffee-colored half-season - and an English singer, who was visiting a friend. This lady was the age of 30, dressed in black and fairly put.

Source: Leeuwarder Courant, van 2 October, 1893

Karen Trenouth
Author of: "Epiphany of the Whitechapel Murders"
Author of: "Jack the Ripper: The Satanic Team"

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