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Zevendooder (Seven Killer)

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Zevendooder (Seven Killer)

Post by Karen on Fri 26 Mar 2010 - 0:53


English Translation:

In blue box: [London is in the grip of a series of gruesome killings of prostitutes. Between August and November of 1888 the Jack the Ripper murders occured, including the killer himself mentioning in a letter, at least five women. He cut their throats and then maimed the bodies. Police grope in the darkness and know they will find the offender after much detective work.]

Main Article: Jack the Ripper Strikes Again.

During the past week the main contents of the papers and discussions were of the murders committed in the east end of London, in Whitechapel. Those who in their childhood had read books by Cooper, will still recall the "Zevendooder", who mysteriously killed many Indians. The man was once a peaceful Quaker, but took revenge against the tribe who killed his wife and children and destroyed his property, making him a monster. Involuntarily the thought comes to me that zevendooder comes to mind when I think of the mysterious murders in Berner Street and Mitre Square, and it is undeniable that between the exciting and fantastic story of Cooper the terrible crimes in the east end of the metropolis is a very large similarity. The victims all belonged to that unfortunate class of women, without honor and without money, making it a difficult struggle to carry out a miserable existence. A roof was never the goal in the poor creatures of the East End, and the offender's West End would likely have to choose to do field work. The madness that led to the crimes is unthinkable, not insane if so observant and that he would also proceed so boldly. There remains no alternative but to think of a modern zevendooder, who takes revenge on an entire class of unfortunate beings, perhaps to take revenge for the evils from him dealing with one of that class. Only this way can explain the horrific mutilation of the dead, that morality does not allow to describe. It is entirely in Whitechapel and all surrounding areas that the people of course are worried, excited and exasperated with the police. Especially Mr. Charles Warren and Mr. Mathews - the police prefect and the minister of internal affairs - most resented that they have no reward for designation of the offender - so angry that they will lose their relations waarschijlijk because England is vox populi vox dei. However the lack of police diligence is not present, as I am in the East End, and have seen in the main streets in all five police officers and detectives who have applied for the voluntary corps regularly make their rounds, and hundreds of reporters eager to honor their pages with the discovery of any clue that is made. But I've also seen that there are many quiet courtyards, the lighting leaves much to be desired, and that still leaves plenty of places where he could find his hiding place. Some letters, signed Jack the Ripper, have been received by a news agency, and the crimes were predicted for Sunday, so there can be no doubt about their origin. They were all great newspapers reproduced. Some people, who saw the suspected killer Saturday night with one of the murdered women could speak English and the gallery of portraits of criminals were placed in the papers. The houses were searched in the neighborhood and the residents were summoned to report to the police any suspicious person, but nothing helped. Of counselors there is no lack. They want to take in this new blood murderer by using dogs. The police officers walk on felt slippers, and no noise can be heard when the detectives must fly at breakneck speeds through the silent streets. Anyone who bears a suspicious package is searched, and detectives, dressed as women, are hoping to attract the murderer into their networks. But now the authorities have found no trace.

Underneath photo: [The murders of Jack the Ripper lead to the wildest stories in the English press.
(Illustration from "Autumn of Terror: Jack the Ripper, his Crimes and times")]

Source: Leeuwarder Courant, van 26 March, 2006

Karen Trenouth
Author of: "Epiphany of the Whitechapel Murders"
Author of: "Jack the Ripper: The Satanic Team"

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