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Details Of Double Event!

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Details Of Double Event!

Post by Karen on Fri 12 Mar 2010 - 2:01

Decidedly, the cannibal monster committed the murders who, at this time move our capital, must have a predilection for the night from Saturday to Sunday. Two new murders just in reflecting have been discovered, one in Whitechapel and the other on the confines of this neighborhood, but in the City, Aldersgate. Hopefully, for the honor of our poor humanity, that the murderer is suffering from the madness of murder, but he must convents that the time of the crime is chosen by him with great sagacity. In the night from Saturday to Sunday, the first public houses close at midnight, an hour earlier than other days of the week, then it is day or the number of drunks is the largest, most noise substantial and therefore the busiest for the police. I hardly need to tell your readers that the two victims are still women in the same category as the previous ones, and the wounds are identical, at least one of them. It is obvious that if the other escaped the chiurgical operation, it is that the killer was disturbed. This time too, it's decidedly the work done by a practiced hand, and he must be, since, after the evidence collected, the murderer of these two crimes did them in thirty minutes and two distant places at least 1000 meters from each other. The audacity, coolness and quickness of the scoundrel are really terrifying! The first victim was discovered in Berner Street, a few meters from the house where Lipski had committed his crime, the first Jew who was hanged in London in the second half of the century. A few steps from the corner where we had found the corpse is a social club in conjunction with all committees and frequented by foreign Jews from Poland for the most part. The administrator of this club is who discovered the body about one hour and five minutes in the morning. Opposite the entrance of the club is a manufacturer of bags, which is entered through a wide gate which is always open. In the corner of the portal, the corpse was lying with her throat cut and clothes in disorder, but without further mutilation. Several club members had left the premises until 25 minutes after midnight. The latter had stopped at the spot where the body was found, and, at that time, twelve-twenty or twenty-five, the corpse was not there. If the victim uttered the weakest shout, we would have necessarily heard in the club, since several windows were open because of the heaviness of the temperature after the storm Saturday night, which were hardly ever open at midnight. The corpse was still as hot as if life not since departed; death could not have been more than a few minutes earlier! The second victim was discovered in Mitre Square, in a dark corner, at 1h. 30 am. As always throat cut from left to right and so deeply that the cut went down to the veterbrae. For this second corpse, there was also a wound in the neck, abdomen had been opened, the intestines pulled out and the mutilation done! In earshot slept a policeman who was in his house and a night watchman in a factory that does not sleep. They did not hear the slightest cry or noise, nothing! The assassin is known to kill with the rapidity of lightning. The policeman walks his beat at night (on tour) every twenty minutes, that is to say, every twenty minutes maximum he returns at the same point. This is an excellent officer, very punctual, and he states that he had been at the place before the corpse would be found at 1hr. 10. The policeman was watching out for the murderer .... and when he returns, he finds the corpse! It's terrifying! But, as this time the murderer had only a few minutes to escape, we are assured that we will soon find out. The police follow a trail.

Source: Journal De Geneve, October 4, 1888, Page 2

Note: If Israel Lipski was the first Jew to hang in London in the second half of the Century, then it would seem that, for the most part, Jews were law-abiding citizens and murder committed by them was quite rare. With these odds, it seems even more strange that many people suspected that Jack the Ripper was a Jew.

Karen Trenouth
Author of: "Epiphany of the Whitechapel Murders"
Author of: "Jack the Ripper: The Satanic Team"

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