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Fruitless Arrests

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Fruitless Arrests

Post by Karen on Thu 11 Mar 2010 - 14:12

The crimes in London
London, July 17

The elusive myth - we write to the Times - this legendary lack of anything better who was given the name of Jack the Ripper, has just returned to the scene, he had many attributes the last two mysteries, it was he who had been accused of having two women cut into pieces, taking care to conceal the head of his victims so that they could not verify their identity, but in reality, the police wanted to avoid liability by claiming they could not find the murderer, because he was Jack the Ripper and it seems agreed that this murderer will never be discovered. The police were not even sure of the accuracy of this statement. The recent crimes differed from those of Jack the Ripper who was not trying to hide his victims, but today it is not so, and we are in the presence of a new package that can be put without fear of being wrong on account of this scourge of the girls in Whitechapel. This morning, at one o'clock, a policeman making his rounds, noticed on the pavement in Castle Alley a mass covered with rags. Another woman drunk, thought he, and he kicked the creature who did not move. The reverberations of this small alley that serves the night store carts street vendors not lit, the constable put his lantern beside the package lying on the ground, and saw that it was a woman, whose body was still warm and lying in a pool of blood . The trachea was cut at one stroke, and a deep wound still escaped the waves of blood. On the face of the unfortunate, you could see the imprint of a bloody hand. Of course, Jack had been troubled in his operation and could not finish it. The victim was pushed or a cry or a groan which had been heard from one of the policemen on duty in the neighborhood she had been lured into this place by the murderer, and, struck again in line with the rules of Jack the Ripper, that is to say while he held her head from behind, she had fallen without being able to call for help. The identity of the victim has been recognized and she is called Alice Mackenzie. She's a woman of about forty, more than poorly dressed and practicing in the area the same condition of the other six previous victims. No useful arrest has been made, that is to say that detectives have seized a number of individuals who all have been released. If Jack the Ripper did not alter his system, the police did not change its bad habits. They make arrests at random though without serious reason, they stop and think it has thereby satisfied the public opinion, but how they are mistaken. Mr. Munro, the director of the Metropolitan Police, has led himself to early research but he has not been more successful than his officers, and it is feared that this crime goes unpunished, as did others. Terror is at its height in Whitechapel, and we will see a renewal of the scenes of November. We hope they have more success and we end up in good time with this mysterious criminal, who completes his excruciating work , then disappearing like a sylph.

Source: Gazette De Lausanne, July 19, 1889, Page 1

Karen Trenouth
Author of: "Epiphany of the Whitechapel Murders"
Author of: "Jack the Ripper: The Satanic Team"

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Re: Fruitless Arrests

Post by varadara on Sun 20 Jun 2010 - 23:01

FruitlessĀ  arrest's technical definition is the abrupt cessation of normal
circulation of the blood due to failure of the heart to contract
effectively during systole.

Basically the heart goes into pulseless VT, VF or asystole. This
prevents the delivery of oxygen to all parts of the body. Cerebral
hypoxia causes the patient to lose consciousness and to stop breathing.
From there brain injury is likely if left untreated for more than 3-5
minutes, with the exception of a patient with hypothermia. Cardiac
arrest is a medical emergency that can potentially be reversed if
treated in time.

VT can still produce a beat it just may not be sufficient enough to
produce a pulse however there are times when a patient does have a pulse
and is sitting there talking to you and just not feeling good. Long
story short if you stick an AED on that person in VT with a pulse that
AED will shock them because of the arrhythmia as it doesn't care about
if the patient has a pulse or not. VF is more of a quiver and asystole
means you got nothing.




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