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More Truth About Prince Albert Victor

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More Truth About Prince Albert Victor

Post by Karen on Sat 27 Feb 2010 - 18:43

In 1889, Queen Victoria was so desperate to find a suitable bride for Prince Albert Victor, that she was prepared to allow him to wed his first cousin, Princess Victoria of Prussia! These sorts of incestuous unions were, for a long time, very frequent and common among the British Monarchy and their European royal relatives.

It is stated upon tolerable authority that young Prince Albert Victor, who is irreverently known as "Collars and Cuffs," is shortly to be married to his first cousin, Princess Victoria of Prussia, a sister of William the Highflyer. This is the young lady whose earnest desire to become the bride of Alexander of Battenberg created such a tempest in the royal teapot a year ago and led Bismarck to say those painful things about the impulses hereditary in women of the Guelph family. This marriage, if brought about, will not be at all palatable here in England. Primarily, there is an objection to the union of cousins, which is rendered peculiarly important in this case by the fact that Albert Victor is by no means an intellectual gladiator himself, to begin with, and it is enough that his posterity need all the assistance they can have from natural causes, instead of being handicapped by a ban of consanguinity. Then again this stream of Germans makes the English weary.

Source: The New York Times, June 30, 1889

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