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Prince Jack

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Prince Jack

Post by Karen on Sat 27 Feb 2010 - 18:40


"Prince Jack" Adds Fuel To Fire

The case of Jack the Ripper remains officially unsolved. Despite rumors that certain British authorities knew who the killer was, his identity has never been made public.
However, in 1970, an elderly British physician named Dr. Thomas Stowell wrote an article in an obscure criminology journal strongly suggesting that Jack the Ripper had been a member of the royal family. Dr. Stowell had access to the private papers of the physician who had actually treated the murderer of five London prostitutes between 1888 and 1891.
Dr. Stowell's evidence led directly to Edward, Duke of Clarence, grandson of Queen Victoria, older brother of George V, the father of Queen Elizabeth and heir to the throne of England.
The current Royal Family was aghast. They kept a stiff upper lip in the face of Dr. Stowell's revelation, but pressure from the crown forced the old man to deny that the Duke of Clarence was the killer in his article.
Only one investigator outside Scotland Yard has seen the Jack the Ripper files. He is Frank Spiering, author of "Prince Jack" (Doubleday), a book that is perhaps the final solution to this fascinating historical cover-up.

Question: Are you certain beyond a reasonable doubt that the Duke of Clarence was Jack the Ripper?

Answer: Absolutely. - The evidence shows that Jack the Ripper couldn't be anybody else but him - despite a 90 year cover-up by Scotland Yard and the British government.

Q: Have you been able to prove by royal documents and calendars that the Duke of Clarence was present in London at the time of each murder?

A. Well, there's no indication he wasn't present. The royal family issued a circular in 1970 in order to refute Dr. Stowell's theory stating that the Duke was at Sandringham at his father's birthday on the date of the last murder. However, I know that the Duke could have taken an early train after the slaying and arrived at Sandringham in time for the party.

Q. Did the Duke of Clarence have the character of a mass murderer?

A. His childhood was horrifying. His deaf mother, Princess Alexandra disliked him. And his distant father, the Prince of Wales neglected him. At Cambridge, he fell into the hands of a homosexual tutor named James Steven. They became lovers and the duke eventually contracted syphilis. Steven despised whores and apparently transferred this intense feeling to his friend.

Q. What was Jack the Ripper's motive?

A. I believe this man identified very strongly with his victims and by destroying them was acting out his own sense of self-destruction.

Q. How did Scotland Yard cover up Jack the Ripper's identity?

A. First, the investigation was subverted by the withdrawal of all the policemen on the case who were heading in the right direction. Second, over the years, all the incriminating Jack the Ripper files were gutted, especially by a police commissioner in the early 1900's.

Q. Yet you examined these files and discovered evidence pointing to the Duke of Clarence?

A. Yes, I am the only person outside of Scotland Yard who has ever seen the Home Office files in addition to the police files on the case. I found a statement by George Hutchinson, an unemployed night watchman, who saw Jack the Ripper and his fifth victim, Marie Kelly, on the night of her murder.
Hutchinson told a police inspector (whose report I discovered in the Home Office files) that Jack the Ripper was extremely well-dressed for the neighborhood of the murder, in his early 30's, above 5 feet 6 inches tall, with a pale complexion, dark hair, and his slight mustache curled up at each end.
Despite this detailed description that fitted the Duke of Clarence to a T, Hutchinson was not allowed to testify at the inquest.

Q. Although British authorities covered up Jack the Ripper's identity, they did see to his confinement?

A. Probably, the police first learned who Jack the Ripper was through palace informants who noticed the strange behavior of the duke. They were also informed by Dr. William Gull who was treating the duke for syphilis.
The authorities then agreed that the Duke of Clarence - Jack the Ripper - should be taken out of public view. He was confined to a nursing home in Ascot near Windsor Castle where he was ostensibly treated for his syphilitic condition. In fact, he was a prisoner.

Q. And what happened to him there?

A. It is my conjecture that the duke was finally put out of his misery in that home by an overdose of morphine.
Coincidentally, James Steven, the duke's homosexual lover, was starved to death in an insane asylum shortly afterward. This is a matter of record.
I believe that the Duke of Clarence and James Steven were both murdered.

Source: The Observer-Dispatch, Utica, Sunday August 13, 1978

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Re: Prince Jack

Post by Guest on Mon 28 Jun 2010 - 4:58

In simple term,

Prince Jack means (Lovitt) (as the Cardinal)...


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