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Mr. J.H. Batchelor

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Mr. J.H. Batchelor

Post by Karen on Tue 2 Mar 2010 - 22:54

I have found a possible identity for Mr. J.H. Batchelor, the man, who along with Charles LeGrande interviewed the witness, Matthew Packer. So who was J.H. Batchelor? Read the following:

At the Mansion House on Monday James Smith was charged with being upon the premises for a supposed unlawful purpose. Mr. St. John Wontner, solicitor, prosecuted, and said that that morning the prisoner, who had been a sailor, was found on the roof of the Great Northern Railway Company's goods depot in Royal Mint-street, and unfortunately, while endeavouring to capture him, a Metropolitan detective, named Barber, fell through a skylight and was killed. Sir Andrew Lusk remanded the prisoner, and remarked that the City Police officer Batchelor and the deceased detective seemed to have behaved in an exceedingly courageous manner.

Source: The Penny Illustrated Paper, Saturday March 7, 1885

The London Chronicle gives the following particulars of the death of Detective Richard Barber, while in the discharge of duty, remarking that in view of the dangers and discomforts of a policeman's life, any little shortcomings should be regarded as with a lenient eye: "About 2 in the morning a man, giving the name of James Smith, but who was recognised as a ticket-of-leave man whose sentence will not expire till 1886 was operating on the roof of some buildings in Royal Mint street, Whitechapel. His situation having been observed, he was approached by Barber and Constable Batchelor whom he greeted with a volley of stones. This, however did not deter the officers, who mounted the roof regardless of the danger to which they exposed themselves. The prisoner, either from timidity or for some other reason best known to himself, beat a retreat across the tops of the houses. The night was frosty and the roofs slippery, but the prisoner being without boots ran swiftly, or, as Constable Batchelor expressed it, "like a cat," Barber followed close upon his heels, and after a chase of 20 minutes, was about to capture him, when he fell through a skylight, and, his head coming in contact with the floor below, was killed on the spot. For the moment the prisoner escaped, but, falling through another skylight alighted on the bed of a person who did not receive his visit in a cordial spirit. This person made such good use of a broomstick that the prisoner surrendered at discretion, and when brought before the magistrate complained of the inhospitable treatment he had received.

Source: West Coast Times, Issue 4918, 29 May 1885, Page 4

City Police Constable John Batchelor lived at 12 Rose Alley, St. Botolph Without Bishopsgate, as per the 1881 Census. It is quite possible that City Police Constable John Batchelor and Police narc/nark Charles LeGrande were conducting their own private inquiries into the Ripper case in order to acquire important information from a witness who was disregarded by bent coppers.

Here is PC John Batchelor's 1881 Census information:

1881 census - household transcription
Person: BATCHELOR, John
Address: 12, Rose Alley, St Botolph Without Bishopsgate

BATCHELOR, John Head Married M 41 1840 C Police Constable
Barning Kent
BATCHELOR, Charlotte Wife Married F 48 1833
Marden Kent
BATCHELOR, Henry Son Single M 14 1867 Scholar
St Andrews Holborn Middlesex
BATCHELOR, Florence Daughter Single F 11 1870 Scholar
St Andrews Holborn Middlesex
BATCHELOR, Annie Daughter Single F 9 1872 Scholar
London St Faiths Middlesex
BATCHELOR, John Son Single M 5 1876 Scholar
London St Stephen Middlesex
COPPARD, Frederick Lodger Single M 19 1862 Porter
Barning Kent
Civil Parish: St Botolph Without Bishopsgate
Address: 12, Rose Alley, St Botolph Without Bishopsgate
County: Middlesex

Karen Trenouth
Author of: "Epiphany of the Whitechapel Murders"
Author of: "Jack the Ripper: The Satanic Team"

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