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Charles Ptolomey

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Charles Ptolomey

Post by Karen on Wed 6 Nov 2013 - 19:46

1881 census transcription details for:  N Riding Of Yorkshire Pauper Lunatic Asylum, Clifton (York Nr)
National Archive Reference:
RG number:     RG11
Piece:     4718
Folio:     121
Page:     3    
Reg. District:     York
Sub District:     Bootham
Parish:     Clifton (York Nr)
Enum. District:    
Ecclesiastical District:    
City/Municipal Borough:    
Address:     N Riding Of Yorkshire Pauper Lunatic Asylum, Clifton (York Nr)
County:     Yorkshire (East riding)
Name     Relation     Condition     Sex     Age     Birth Year     Occupation , Disability     Where Born
KINGSTON, Joseph Tregelles     Head     Married      M     45     1836     Surgeon M.R.C.S. England L.S.A.
    Plymouth, Devon
KINGSTON, Emily     Wife     Married      F     37     1844    
    Poynton, Cheshire
KINGSTON, Alfred Alwyne     Son     Single      M     9     1872     Scholar
    Clifton, Yorkshire
KINGSTON, Herbert Tregelles     Son     Single      M     8     1873     Scholar
    Clifton, Yorkshire
KINGSTON, Gerald Haynes     Son     Single      M     6     1875     Scholar
    Clifton, Yorkshire
KINGSTON, Winifred Emily Mary     Daughter     Single      F     5     1876     Scholar
    Clifton, Yorkshire
KINGSTON, Douglas Tregelles     Son     Single      M     3     1878    
    Clifton, Yorkshire
KINGSTON, Egerton Melville     Son     Single      M     1     1880    
    Clifton, Yorkshire
BROWN, Ann     Servant     Single      F     47     1834     Domestic Servant Cook
    Whitby, Yorkshire
BIRTLES, Emma     Servant     Single      F     20     1861     Domestic Servant Housemaid
    Headmas, Cheshire
BILTON, Jane Ann     Servant     Single      F     14     1867     Domestic Servant Nurse
    Crayke, Yorkshire
NICHOLSON, William Rus?     Assistant Medl Officer     Single      M     29     1852     Surgeon M.R.C.S. Eng And L.S.A.
    Burnley, Yorkshire
FRISBY, Elizabeth     Housekeeper     Single      F     48     1833     Housekeeper
    Northampton, Northamptonshire
GARROOD, Charles     Attendt Head     Married      M     37     1844     Chief Attendant Domestic Serv
    London St Andrews Parish City Of, London, Middlesex
GARROOD, Elenor     Wife     Married      F     26     1855    
    Gilling Richmond, Yorkshire
GARROOD, Grace     Daughter     Single      F     7     1874     Scholar
    St Edmunds, Northamptonshire
GARROOD, Charles     Son     Single      M     5     1876    
    Clifton, Yorkshire
MCINTOSH, Robert     Gardener Head     Married      M     39     1842     Domestic Servant Gardener
MCINTOSH, Louisa Mary     Daughter     Single      F     11     1870     Scholar
    Clifton, Yorkshire
MCINTOSH, Alice     Daughter     Single      F     9     1872     Scholar
    Clifton, Yorkshire
MCINTOSH, Augusta     Wife     Married      F     42     1839    
    Brighton, Sussex
MCINTOSH, Robert     Son     Single      M     6     1875     Scholar
    Clifton, Yorkshire
ANDERSON, Robert     Farmer Head     Married      M     55     1826     Farmer Domestic Servant
    Thirsk, Yorkshire
ANDERSON, Mary     Wife     Married      F     54     1827    
    Ripley, Yorkshire
ANDERSON, Wiliam     Son     Single      M     11     1870    
Imbecile     Clifton, Yorkshire
NEWALL, John     Engineer Head     Married      M     61     1820     Engineer
    West End Parish Thirsk Cross, Yorkshire
NEWALL, Frances     Wife     Married      F     58     1823    
    Farsley Parish Carverley, Yorkshire
EASTWOOD, Frances     Niece     Single      F     16     1865    
    Eccleshill, Yorkshire
OGDEN, Jonas     Joiner Head     Married      M     63     1818     Joiner
    Bradford, Yorkshire
OGDEN, Mary Ann     Wife     Married      F     69     1812    
    Wakefield, Yorkshire
OGDEN, Emma     Daughter     Single      F     33     1848     Dressmaker
    Bradford, Yorkshire
TAYLOR, William         Single      M     ?        
WHITE, George     Attendant     Single      M     27     1854     Farm Bailiff
    Skelton, Yorkshire
MUCHALL, Herbert     Head     Married      M     28     1853     Attendant Domestic Servt
    Wombourne Wolverhampton, Staffordshire
MUCHALL, Annie     Wife     Married      F     31     1850    
    Cawood Selby
MUCHALL, Annie E     Daughter     Single      F     3     1878    
    Skelton, Yorkshire
BRYANT, Samuel     Attendant     Single      M     28     1853     Attendant At Asylum Domestic Servant
    Alton, Hampshire
BURNAN, Robert     Attendant     Single      M     23     1858     Attendant Domestic Servt
    Wetherby, Yorkshire
YOUNG, Charles     Attendant     Single      M     28     1853     Tailor Domestic Servt
    Slingsby, Yorkshire
MURRAY, Robert     Attendant     Single      M     41     1840     Attendant At Asylum D M
GODDING, William     Attendant     Married      M     48     1833     Attendant Domestc Servt
    Kintbury, Berkshire
MORRELL, Thomas     Attendant     Single      M     22     1859     Plumber Domestc Servt
    Newton on Ouse, Yorkshire
CHAPMAN, James     Attendant     Single      M     28     1853     Attendant Domestc Servt
    Welburn, Yorkshire
HUNT, John     Attendant     Single      M     25     1856     Attendant Domestc Servt
    Brobertbridge, Sussex
PTOLOMEY, Charles     Attendant     Single      M     30     1851     Attendant Domestc Servt
    Dublin, Ireland

SAMPSON, William     Attendant     Single      M     23     1858     Attendant Domestc Servt
    Ashprington, Devon
WATSON, F W     Butcher     Single      M     27     1854     Attendant Domestc Servt
BORELAND, Patrick     Attendant     Married      M     37     1844     Attendant At Asylum
JONES, Walter     Attendant     Single      M     34     1847     Attendant Domestic Servt
    Dolgelly Merioneth, Merionethshire
MORGAN, R W     Attendant     Single      M     25     1856     Attendant At Asylum
    Montgomery, Montgomeryshire, Wales
LENEHAN, James     Attendant     Single      M     26     1855     Attendant At Asylum
    Cork, Ireland
HOLMES, John     Attendant     Single      M     20     1861     Attendant Domestic Servt
    Baff, Yorkshire
LLOYD, William         Single      M     ?        
ROSE, Walter     Porter     Single      M     19     1862     Porter At Asylum Domestic Servant
BATEMAN, Ann     Nurse     Widow      F     42     1839     Nurse Domestic Servt
    Wass, Yorkshire
WILSON, Ellen     Nurse     Single      F     31     1850     Nurse Domestic Servt
    Skipton on Swale, Yorkshire
HOLMES, Elizabeth     Nurse     Single      F     34     1847     Nurse Domestic Servt
    Sherburn, Yorkshire
GOODRICK, Annie     Nurse     Single      F     24     1857     Nurse Domestic Servt
    Thirsk, Yorkshire
HELSTRIP, Selina     Nurse     Single      F     24     1857     Nurse Domestic Servt
    Heldon St Groves York, Yorkshire
KIRBY, Jane     Nurse     Single      F     30     1851     Nurse Domestic Servt
CURTIS, Jane     Nurse     Single      F     23     1858     Nurse Domestic Servt
    Oxford, Oxfordshire
HOWELL, Maria     Nurse     Single      F     22     1859     Nurse Domestic Servant
    Wolverhampton, Staffordshire
HOLLINGS, Mary     Kitchenmaid     Single      F     19     1862     Kitchen Maid Domestic Servant
    Naburn, Yorkshire
BATEMAN, Agatha     Nurse     Single      F     19     1862     Nurse Domestic Servant
    Holgate, Yorkshire
PITT, Mary     Laundry Maid     Married      F     48     1833     Laundry Maid Domestic Servant
    Besford, Worcestershire
BALES, Kate     Nurse     Single      F     21     1860     Nurse Domestic Servant
    Yarmouth, Norfolk
MACHALL, Amelia     Nurse     Single      F     22     1859     Nurse Domestic Servant
    Sinestow, Staffordshire
CURTIS, Mary Ann     Nurse     Single      F     18     1863     Nurse Domestic Servant
    St Thomas, Oxfordshire
PITT, Annie     Laundry Maid     Single      F     20     1861     Laundry Maid Domestic Servant
    Marton, Yorkshire
GODDING, Annie     Nurse     Married      F     32     1849     Nurse Domestic Servant
    Whickham, Durham
TAYLOR, Eliza     Nurse     Single      F     18     1863     Nurse Domestic Servant
    Tanfield, Durham
GARROOD, Sarah Ann     Nurse     Single      F     20     1861     Nurse Domestic Servant
    Weedon, Northamptonshire
OLIVER, Elizabeth     Cook     Widow      F     35     1846     Cook Domestic Servant
    Norton, Yorkshire
SANDERS, Matilda     Nurse     Single      F     47     1834     Nurse Domestic Servant
    Redcliffe, Gloucestershire
WRIGHT, Alice     Nurse     Single      F     21     1860     Nurse Domestic Servant
    Royston, Hertfordshire
METCALFE, Sarah     Nurse     Single      F     29     1852     Nurse Domestic Servant
PICKARD, Susan     Nurse     Single      F     25     1856     Nurse Domestic Servant
    St Dennis, Yorkshire
BIRD, Jane     Nurse     Single      F     29     1852     Nurse Domestic Servant
    Tipton, Staffordshire
NICHOLLS, Ellen     House Maid     Single      F     21     1860     Housemaid Domestic Servant
    All Hallows, Cumberland
EVANS, Helena     Nurse     Single      F     17     1864     Nurse Domestic Servant
    Pewllheli, Caernarvonshire, Wales
ROGERS, Clara     Nurse     Single      F     20     1861     Nurse Domestic Servant
    Rochdale, Lancashire
TOOLE, Mary     Laundry Maid     Single      F     21     1860     Laundry Maid Domestic Servant
HOLMES, Annie     Nurse     Single      F     19     1862     Nurse Domestic Servant
    St Maurice, Yorkshire
DALE, Edith     Housemaid     Single      F     19     1862     House Maid Domestic Servant
    East Ayton, Yorkshire
TATE, Richard     Other     Married      M     36     1845     Basket Maker Domestic Servant
    Terrington, Yorkshire
HEADLEY, John William     Apprentice     Single      M     15     1866     Blacksmiths Apprentice
    Newton on Ouse, Yorkshire
HALL, William     Attendant Head     Married      M     63     1818     Attendant Domestic Servt
    Crakehall, Yorkshire
HALL, Elizabeth     Wife Of Attendant     Married      F     64     1817    
    Yafforth Danby Wiske, Yorkshire
HALL, Albert Henry     Grand Son     Single      M     6     1875     Scholar
    Topcliffe, Yorkshire

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