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Studio Murder

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Studio Murder

Post by Karen on Thu 3 Oct 2013 - 17:13



The inquest touching the death of Mr. Wakley, the victim of the studio murder, was resumed in London on Tuesday.
Dr. Danford Thomas, the coroner, told the jury he did not think the police had anyone under arrest, and he thought that the jury would be able to conclude, as far as that court was concerned, that the case was one of wilful murder against some person or persons unknown.
Detective-inspector Stockley gave further evidence as to the finding of the body. There was a bottle of port on the table and a glass with some orange peel in it. There was no evidence of the place having been ransacked. Witness had no doubt from careful examination of blood marks that deceased, when killed, while standing in the w.c. facing the seat. Witness found in the studio a number of pieces of paper. They were corners torn off letters, as if to preserve the addresses. He produced one piece containing the date and address, "Trooper J.T. Walker, D. Squadron Royal Horse Guards, Hyde Park." There were sketches of soldiers at the flat. Keys were found outside No. 9 window-sill.
Walker was called and proved an alibi.
Mr. George Miles said he was near deceased's studio on the evening of the murder. At 11:15 Mr. Wakley came up with a Horse Guardsman Blue, and they both went through the door leading to the studio. The guardsman was six feet high and had spurs.
Trooper John Thomas Walger, the next witness, said he knew deceased and recognised the writing on a piece of paper produced as his own. He met deceased about four months ago in Hyde Park. Deceased gave him a cigarette and by deceased's invitation witness went to the studio and had a drink. Witness was there about an hour leaving about one in the morning. Deceased asked witness to make arrangements to have his portrait painted. Witness was not there on the night of the murder. He met a young lady on that date returning to barracks at half-past ten o'clock.
Coroner: You never saw him again?
Witness: I saw him one other night afterwards in the park, but did not speak to him. I did not keep an appointment to have my portrait painted.
Foreman of the Jury: How was the time passed in the studio?
Witness: We were talking and he was showing me some pictures. He proposed something to me which was distasteful to me, and that is the reason I did not keep the appointment.
Mr. Muskett, solicitor for the police, said there was no further evidence. The fullest inquiry had been made and was continuing. There was no ground for suspecting burglary or that deceased met his death at the hands of a ruffian.
Coroner suggested the only thing was to return a verdict of murder against some person or persons unknown.
The Foreman said two jurymen were in favour of a verdict of wilful murder and thirteen in favour of murder alone. There was a dispute as to the word wilful. It was probable that some provocation may have driven the assailant practically insane for the time being. That was the difficulty in returning a verdict of wilful murder.
The Coroner then recorded a verdict of "Murder with a hammer" by some person or persons unknown.

Source: Cambrian, 8 June 1906, Page 8

Karen Trenouth
Author of: "Epiphany of the Whitechapel Murders"
Author of: "Jack the Ripper: The Satanic Team"

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