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Sociology & Psychology

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Sociology & Psychology

Post by Guest on Wed 6 Jun 2012 - 14:50

There are many relavent factors to each that seem to apply directly. Although a full overview has not been seen on both actives. As a studier of sorts of both subjects from many different materials bought, it would seem that this would be more of a factor to modern discovery of sorts, to enlighten those of us that can not and have not made an opinion of who could have and who did do the crimes that are so widely viewed as pertaining to this subject. I have searched many listed books and blogs to find a comprehensive look into both areas but none has shown any such thing, and the most detailed of separate issue seem to differ in fact and opinion for how this could come about, leaving a gaping hole as to the true affect of why, how, what, and when, and of course WHO?

If by chance (and this is greater than I have made illusion to) there is a comprehensive overview of both Sociological & Psychological pronouncement given somewhere I would be most humbly grateful for the link or other given route to these.

Your Humble Servant


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