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Wireless Disputes at Sea

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Wireless Disputes at Sea

Post by Karen on Wed 16 May 2012 - 18:40


Many are the reforms which are likely to follow from lessons taught by the loss of the steamship Titanic, in which 1,600 lives were destroyed. After the ill-fated vessel had come into collision with an iceberg hours followed in which, had the wireless been the perfect instrument for saving vessels in distress which it was held to be in the popular imagination, possibly every soul on board might have been rescued.
Where secrecy, accuracy, and speed are desired the cable has the advantage. The wireless is at present much affected by atmospheric disturbances and probably always will be, no matter how far the process of attuning may be carried.
The wireless may, in the opinion of men who have made rapid communication the study of their lives, become an aid to the submarine cable and the land telegraph, but it will never supplant either one of these systems any more than the telephone has been able to supersede the telegraph, despite the extravagant assertions to that effect which were once so loudly made.
Both by international agreement and by national legislation those who are interested in wireless reforms are urging that the possibility of distress signals being unheard or unnoticed on account of the jealousy of operators using rival means of radio communication be eliminated. It is quite well known that there are constant quarrels and disputes at sea between operators on this account and that often the element of racial prejudice enters into their relations.
For this reason there is a strong sentiment in favour of increasing the responsibility of the wireless operator and holding him to strict account, as if he were an officer of a vessel. This proposal would also provide that operators be divided into grades and that they be so trained that in times of distress or danger they would have a reserve of experience and of discipline upon which to draw.

Source: Penny Illustrated Paper

Karen Trenouth
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