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Dr. Stowell's Evidence Destroyed

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Dr. Stowell's Evidence Destroyed

Post by Karen on Tue 2 Mar 2010 - 1:22

Surgeon's Data On the Ripper Burned Unread

LONDON (AP) - A surgeon who claimed to know the identity of Jack the Ripper has taken his knowledge to the grave. Dr. Thomas Stowell, 83, claimed in a magazine that the man who terrorized London's East End in the 19th Century was "a scion of a noble family." When he died Sunday, Stowell left a folder labeled: "Jack the Ripper". His son said Saturday that he burned the dossier unread. "I just read sufficient to make certain there was nothing of importance," Dr I. Eldon Stowell said. "The family decided this was the right thing to do. I am not prepared to discuss our grounds for doing so. "My father left no instructions or request on what we were to do with it. I know that he had been interested in this subject for many years and that it arose again recently - for what reason I don't know." The elder Stowell's vague hints in the magazine led to speculation that Jack the Ripper may have been the Duke of Clarence. But he wrote a letter to the Times of London the day before he died, denying that the duke was the Ripper.

Source: The Cedar Rapids Gazette, Saturday November 14, 1970

Suggests Jack the Ripper Was Member of Royalty

LONDON, (UPI) - Citing as evidence an article published Monday about Jack the Ripper, a London newspaper has suggested London's 1888 sex killer was the grandson of Queen Victoria and heir to the throne of England. The Sunday Times raised the name of Duke of Clarence, Prince Albert Victor, grandson of Queen Victoria, brother to George V and heir to the throne, on the strength of an article in the journal Criminology by a surgeon, Dr. Thomas Stowell. "All the points of Dr. Stowell's odd story fit this man," the newspaper said in an article on the still-unidentified killer of at least five prostitutes in London's east end. "The evidence suggests that the murderer was a man so senior in the hierarchy of the land, of so noble a family that the police, when they realized who was involved, were forced to conceal his identity," the Criminology article said.

Refused Identity

Stowell said he knew who the killer was but refused to identify him. "I would never dream of doing harm to a family whom I love and admire," he wrote. But he supplied a detailed series of clues. Jack the Ripper, he said, "was the heir to power and wealth. His family, for 50 years, had earned the love and admiration of large numbers of people by its devotion to public service. "His grandmother, who outlived him, was very much the stern Victorian matriarch, widely and deeply respected. His father, to whose title he was the heir, was a gay cosmopolitan and did much to improve the status of England internationally.

Called Him "S"

Stowell referred to his suspect as "S", who at the age of 16 went on a world tour during which he contracted syphilis. The disease gradually began to dominate his life, Stowell added. The Sunday Times said the suspect resigned his commission at age 24 after a raid on a homosexual brothel, the name of which had been linked to a member of the royal family. Sir William Gull, the royal doctor, treated "S", Stowell said. Gull's daughter, Caroline Acland, a friend of Stowell, who is now in his 80's, described an 1889 entry in her father's diary to him which said "informed Blank that his son was dying of syphilis of the brain."

Clues Destroyed

According to Stowell, Gull realized his patient was Jack the Ripper and asked Commissioner of Police Sir Charles Warren to keep the name secret. For that reason, he contended, many of the clues of the killer's identity were destroyed, including at least one message by Warren himself. Police vigilance relaxed in November, 1888, because the police knew the killer had been restrained in a mental home, Stowell said. Prince Albert Victor, first child of King Edward VII, eldest son of Queen Victoria, was born in 1864 and was on a world tour from 1879-1882. He died early in 1892, at the age of 28, outlived by his grandmother, Queen Victoria, who died in 1901.

Source: The Cedar Rapids Gazette, Monday November 2, 1970, page 7

Karen Trenouth
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