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List of Survivors

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List of Survivors

Post by Karen on Mon 16 Apr 2012 - 21:59


Four People Died Just After Reaching Her Decks.

Steaming Through the Fatal Icefield.

A passenger on board the Carpathia made the following statement: -

"I was awakened at 12:30 in the morning by a commotion on the decks which seemed unusual. There was no excitement, however, as the ship was still moving. I paid but little attention to the disturbance, and went to sleep again. About three o'clock I was again awakened, and I noticed that the Carpathia had stopped. I went up on to the deck and found that our vessel had changed her course. The lifeboats had been sighted, and began to arrive one by one. There were sixteen of them in all.
"The transfer of the passengers was soon being carried out. It was a pitiable sight. Ropes were tied round the waists of the adults to help them in climbing up the rope ladders. The little children and babies were hoisted on to our deck in bags. Some of the boats were crowded, but a few were not half full. This I could not understand.
"Some of the people were in evening dress, while others were in their night clothes or wrapped in blankets. They were all hurried into the saloon at once for hot breakfast, of which they were in great need, as they had been in open boats for four or five hours in the most biting air I have ever experienced.
"There were husbands without their wives, wives without their husbands, parents without their children, and children without their parents, but there was no demonstration, and not a sob was heard. They spoke scarcely a word, and seemed to be stunned by the shock of their experiences.


"Immediately after breakfast was over Divine service was held in the saloon.
"One of the women and three of the others taken from the lifeboats died soon after reaching our deck, and their bodies were lowered into the sea at five o'clock in the afternoon.
"The rescued had no clothing other than that they were wearing, and a relief committee was formed, our passengers contributing enough to meet their immediate needs.
"The survivors were so close to the sinking steamer that they feared that the lifeboats would be sucked down into the vortex.
"On our way back to New York we steamed along the edge of the icefield, which stretched as far as the eye could see. To the north there was no blue water to be seen at all. At one time I counted thirteen icebergs."
Dr. J.F. Kemp, the Carpathia's physician, says that their wireless operator happened by chance to have delayed turning in on Sunday night for ten minutes. Thus it was that he was at his post and got the Titanic's call for help. Had he gone to rest as usual there would have been no survivors.
Dr. Kemp describes the iceberg which sank the Titanic as being four hundred feet long and ninety feet high. The Carpathia cruised twice through the icefield in the vicinity of the fatal spot and picked up the bodies of three men and a baby. These corpses were committed to the deep on Monday evening. Among the congregation at the funeral service were thirty widows, twenty of whom were under twenty-three years of age, most of them being brides of only a few weeks or months.

Persons Who Would Not Sail in the Giant Liner.

A number of stories of premonitions of the disaster are related.
It is stated that one fireman, who believed that something was sure to happen, deserted at Queenstown. Six firemen who had been signed on reached the quayside at Southampton on the Wednesday in time to see the last gangway removed, and they are now congratulating themselves on having missed the boat.
Mr. Norman Craig, K.C., M.P., who booked a passage in the Titanic, had actually packed his luggage, but decided at the last moment not to make the journey.
"I had no other conscious reason," he stated, "except that in view of the political situation I thought it better to remain at home. I had a providential escape."
Many of the Southampton members of the crew distrusted the ship, and would never have sailed in her but for their homes being swept bare by the strike. Many actually preferred to stay at home and starve.
An official of the British Seafarers' Union told an "Express" representative how he had dreamed of disaster for the Titanic the night before she sailed, and, hurrying down in the morning, informed eighteen of his mates. They listened to his warning and stayed behind.
One Southampton fireman joined the ship after turning back twice. At Queenstown a second-class passenger left her.


In case of grave peril at sea, the distress signal for assistance is now recognised as "S.O.S.," letters which the operators translate into "Saving of Souls." The more familiar letters "C.Q.D." ("Come quick, danger") formerly in vogue were abandoned as, it is stated, they led to confusion with other code signals.
The man who first despatched the fateful "S.O.S." appeal, the Marconi operator aboard the Titanic, was Mr. John George Phillips, of Godalming.

White Star Line Sent Out Numerous Corrections Yesterday.

From hour to hour the lists of names of survivors are undergoing revision. Yesterday the White Star Line sent out many official additions and corrections to, and also omissions from, the lists already published. These have, as far as possible, been incorporated in the following lists, but it must be remembered that it may be some time before the official lists are both complete and accurate. Most of the names in the following lists were received by wireless from the liner Carpathia, and were telegraphed from New York by Reuter's Agency: -


Mrs. E.W. Appleton
Miss G.M. Burns
Mrs. H.A Cassebere
Mrs. Wm. Clarke
Mrs. B. Chibnall
Miss H.E. Crossbie
Miss Jean Hippack
Mrs. H.B. Harris
Mrs. A. Halverson
Miss Marg. Hays
Mr. Bruce Ismay
Mr. and Mrs. Ed Kimberley
Mrs. F.A. Kenyon
Emile Kenchen
Miss G.R. Longley
Mrs. A.F. Leader
Mrs. Ernest Lines
Miss S. Ryerson
Emily B. Ryerson
Mrs. A. Ryerson
Mrs. John J. Astor
Master Allison and Nurse
Miss Andrews
Miss N. Panhart
Miss E.W. Allen
Mrs. F.M. Warner
Miss Helen Wilson
Miss Willard
Mary Wicks
Mrs. Geo. D. Widener and Maid
Mrs. J. Stewart
Mary C. Lines
Mrs. S. Lindstrom
Mr. H. Blank
Mrs. James Baxter
Mrs. G.A. Bayton
Mrs. J.M. Brown
Mrs. G.C. Bowen
Mr. and Mrs. R.L. Beckwith
Mr. and Mrs. L. Henry
Mrs. W.A. Hooper
Mr. Mile
Mr. J. Flynn
Miss Alice Fortune
Mrs. R. Douglas
Miss Hilda Slayter
Mr. G.J. Lesneur
Georgietta Amadill
Mrs. J.B. Thayer
J.B. Thayer, jun.
H. Woolmer
Mrs. J.S. White
Marie Young
Mrs. Thos. Potter
Mrs. E.S. Roberts
Countess of Rothes
Mr. C. Holmane
Mr. and Mrs. D.H. Bailey
Mrs. H. Smith
Mrs. Braham
Miss Lucile Carter
William Carter
Miss Roberts
Miss Cummings
Miss Minahan
K.H. Behr
Miss Dessett
Mrs. Wm. Buckell
A.H. Barkworth
W.B. Steffason
Mrs. E. Bowerman
Mrs. D.W. Marvin
Philip Emock
James McGough
Pierre Marechal
Mrs. W.O. Minahan
Miss Appio Ranelt
Major A. Peachen
Ruth Taussig
Mr. and Mrs. E.Z. Taylor
Gilbert M. Tucker
John Ryerson
Mrs. M. Rothschild
Miss M. Newell
Mrs. Newell
Mrs. Helen Neuson
Mr. F. Omond
Mrs. Maman
J. Renago
Col. A. Simonius
Edith Rosenbaum
Mrs. G. Rheims
Mrs. G.M. Stone
Emma Segesser
Frederick Seward
Miss Shutter
William T. Sloper
Mrs. F.J. Swift
Max Stahelin
Mrs. P. Schabert
Mr. and Mrs. J.O. Speddin
Mrs. Lucien Smith
Mrs. Walter P. Stephenson
Abraham Salomon
William B. Silvey
Mr. and Mrs. Stengel
Mrs. W.A. Spencer and Maid
Master Spedden
Adolph Saalfield
Mr. and Mrs. John Snyder
R.S. Silverthorn
Augusta Serepeca
Alice Fortune
Mrs. Fortune
Mabel Fortune
H.W. Frauenthal
Mrs. Frauenthal
Mr. and Mrs. T.G. Frauenthal
Emil Taussig
Mrs. T.W. Cavendish and Maid
Sir Cosmo and Lady C. Duff Gordon
Mrs. W. Dodge and her Son
Mr. and Mrs. Dick
Mr. F.C. Douglas
Dorothy Gibson
Mr. S. Goldenburg
Mrs. S. Goldenburg
Ella Goldenburg
Mrs. L.D. Greenfield
William Greenfield
Mrs. L. Gibson
Mrs. J.C. Hogeboom
W.J. Hawksford
H.S. Sharper and Manservant
H. Haren (Haven?)
Mr. and Mrs. Fred M. Hoyt
George Harder
Mrs. Harder
Mrs. C.M. Hays
Mrs. Ida Hippack
Mr. Paul Chiver (Chevre?)
Gladys Cherry
Mr. and Mrs. V.O. Chambers
Mr. and Mrs. W.E. Carter
Mme. De Villiers
Robert W. Daniel
Mrs. T. Davidson
Miss W. Douglas
Sarah Daniel
Alfd. Drachensted
Miss B. Earnshew
Miss Francatelli
Miss A. Flegenheim
Marg. Frohlicher
Mrs. J. Futrella
Col. A. Gracie
Mrs. Wm. Graham
Mr. Graham
Lucille Carter
Master Carter
Mrs. C. Cardell
E.P. Chalderhead
Mrs. V. Chandison
Mrs. R.C. Cornell
Mrs. Turrell Cavendish and Maid
Mrs. H.F. Chaffee
Thomas Cardeza
Mrs. J.W. Cardeza
Mrs. J.B. Cummings
Mr. Washington
Miss A. Phillipps
Emilio Pailas
Julian Padro
Mrs. L. Parish
Mrs. E. Portaluppi
Mr. Janso Quick
Miss W. Quick
Miss Phyllis Quick
Mrs. Lillie Redone
Mrs. L. Ridsdale
Miss Emily Rugg
Mr. and Mrs. Emile Richard
Master Richard
Miss M. Sincock
Mrs. M. Smith
Miss Edini Trout
Mrs. M. Weisse
Miss S. Webber
Miss M. Wright
Miss Bessie Watt
Miss Bertha Watt
Mrs. West and two children
Mrs. Addie Wells
Miss J. Wells
Ralph Wells
Charles Williams
Mrs. Anna Ward
Mr. R.M. Williams
Mrs. E.G. Meyer
Mr. J.T. Compton
Mrs. George Wick
Mrs. R.C. Connell
Mrs. Thos. Pears
Mrs. R. Maloney
Mrs. Renasco
Miss Compton
Miss E. Donnell
Miss E.M. Eustis
Miss A. Percaull
Mr. W. Dodge
Mr. and Mrs. Max Frolicher

Karen Trenouth
Author of: "Epiphany of the Whitechapel Murders"
Author of: "Jack the Ripper: The Satanic Team"

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Re: List of Survivors

Post by Karen on Mon 16 Apr 2012 - 22:19


Anna Abelsom
Mr. A. Genivez
Edith Brown
E.D. Beale
Miss Ethel Beane
Miss D. Buyhl
Caroline Bystrom
Mrs. Ada E. Balls
Miss Kate Buss
Mrs. C. Collyer
Mrs. Alice Christy
Miss Lulu Christy
Mrs. A.M. Clarke
Miss C. Cameron
Mrs. Stuart Collett
Mr. A.E. Caldwell
Mrs. S. Caldwell
Master Alden G. Caldwell
Miss Lulu Drew
Miss Agnes Davis
Mrs. Lamore
Mrs. Alice Louch
Miss B. Lehman
Mrs. Elizabeth Mellinger and child
Master J.M. Davis
Miss F. Duran
Miss May Davis
Miss Aline Herman
Miss Annie Hold
Mrs. Esther Hart
Miss Eva Hart
Miss Harper
Anna Hamalainer
Master Hamalainer
Mrs. E. Hocking
Miss N. Hocking
Mrs. A. Jacobsohn
Miss Nora Keane
Mrs. Ada Doling
Miss Elsie Doling
Miss L. Faunthorpe
Miss Ethel Garside
Mrs. M.D. Hewlett
George Harris
Mrs. Jane Herman
Miss Kate Herman
Miss Fanny Kelly
Miss J.W. Leitch
Mrs. A. Mallett
Mrs. E. Nye
Master A. Mallett
Mrs. Rosa Abbott
Mrs. Florence Angel
Mrs. G. Argenta and two children
Mrs. Mary Jerman
Mrs. J. Laroche and two children
Mrs. Jessie Trent
Miss M. Brown
Miss A. Duran
Miss Jacobson
Miss M. Kenton
Miss Bertha Ilett
Miss Louise Silven
Miss A. Simpson
Miss Nellie Waters
Miss Ellen Toomey
Mr. L. Beesley
Mr. D. Collett
Messrs. Lolo and Lones Hofman
Mr. Chas. Williams
Mrs. Drew's child

The following are survivors whose names did not appear in the original sailing list: -

Edith Brown
William Charles
R. Carmacion
Miss E. Driscoll
Miss E. Formerly
Miss J. Hanson
Miss A.F. Hososons
Miss A. McGowan
Miss L. McDearmont
Mrs. Florence Mare
Miss Kosed Peasry
Miss L. Beathem

The following are probably the names of women saved, names corresponding to them having been received in a somewhat mutilated form: -

Mrs. A.O. Beiker and three children
Mrs. Jos. Laroche
Mrs. Wm. Lahtigen
Mrs. Marshal
Miss N. Walcroft
Mrs. N. Nasser
Thomas Oxenham
Selina Rogers
Lilie Silven
Mrs. Wm. Angle
William Mellers

The last two names are less doubtful than the others.

Karen Trenouth
Author of: "Epiphany of the Whitechapel Murders"
Author of: "Jack the Ripper: The Satanic Team"

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Re: List of Survivors

Post by Karen on Mon 16 Apr 2012 - 22:59

The White Star Line on Wednesday issued this additional list of survivors.

Mr. Richard Becke
Miss Emil Bury
Miss Clamerch
Miss M. Mall Croft
Miss Sarah Dodge
Miss Appie Eanelt
Miss A. Flenheim
Mr. Frutelle
Miss J. Hanson
Mrs. Jacques
Miss K. Bass Moss
Miss O'Connell
Miss E. Portalupp
Mrs. M.J. Renago
Miss E. Rogers
Miss Shutter
Mr. R.D. Sheldell
Mrs. Lawche-Simons
Mrs. W.N. Skelbury
Mrs. W.N. Skelbu
Miss A. Waseraill
Mrs. Washington

It is officially stated that the following officers were in charge of the Titanic's boats, and were picked up together with those passengers who were saved by the Carpathia: -

Mr. C.H. Lightoller, second officer
Mr. H.J. Pitman, third officer
Mr. J.G. Boxhall, fourth officer
Mr. H.G. Lowe, fifth officer

The following official additional list, received from the Carpathia by wireless telegraph, of rescued third-class passengers and crew was issued on Thursday: -

Annie McGowan
Agnes Doyt (or Mrs. Aadick)
Margaret Nanga
Maggie J. Murphy
Leon C. Eldergrek
Henna Hanman
Krikorean Kirora
______ Hanwaken
Delia McDermott
______ Marlkarl
John McLaren
Nicola Sulici
Juho Strinder
Jan Schurbint
Jules Sap
Anna Sofia
S. Joblom
Beierice Sinde
Rose Sibelrome
Agnes Sibelrome
Amy Stanley
Johan Sumdian
Falia Smythe
Axel Shine
Florence Kersorny
Croft Hedvig
Hedvig Turkula
William Turkgest
______ Vartanon
Ellen Wicks
Siline Yesburg
Hanna Yousef
George Yousef
Marion Yousef
Seurly Oumson
Philip Zenn
Nicola Eliase
Nicola Oaub
A. Abrihamson
Bednoura Aloun
Marlania Assim
Carlo Nelson
Canderson Osplumd
John Charles
Rosa Abbott
Beatrice Sande
Gus Cohn
Aino Ludguis
Heelna Anduson
Anna Kolsbottel
Nora O'Leary
Arthur Olsen
Caterina Patros
Genoit Picard
Nobesa Patros
Ernest Person
Nora S. Roth
Anna Reibon
John Churchssohn
L.M. Cribb
Minnie Conto
Nevelle Conto
Will Conto
Katie Connolly
Ellen Carr
Theo. Demusder
Joseph Krigesne
P.D. Daly
Charles Daly
Marsola Daly
Mrs. Ettie Dean and two children
Margaret Devaney
Rose Bridget
Edna Anderson
Selma Astlund
Felix Astlund
Lillian Astlund
Aklesep Abelseph
Leah Aksaks
Lee Bing
Marie Boklin
Eugene Boklin
Haline Boklin
Latefe Boklin
Filly Aksaks
Nassif Casem
Boyan Casem
Emily Batman
Maria Bockstrom
Daniel Buckley
Bridget Bradley
Ching Hip
Einare Barlson
Hulin Monbarak
Jiron Moubareh
Amina Missulmona
Fituasa Submaket
Hannah Hern
Erikorian Mulam
Nora Murphy
Kate Mullin
Katie McCarthy
G.D. Messemock
Anna Messemock
H. Manera Yusefa
Burns Monbarck
Hauna Mauman
______ Omiah
Karl Mathgo
Bertha Malliebilla
Maggie Merrigan (Harrigan?)
Bertha Maran
Kristoff Medson
Albert Moss
Mary McGovern
Elconeah Larl
Margaret Harrigan
Agnes McKoy
Ernest McKoy
Alice McKoy
Thomas McCormack
John Nickarin
Adele Manson
Bertha Nelson
Mary Neket
Hobia Neket
Helmina J. Nelson
Anna Nyban
Helena Ongalen
Anna Keisbottel
Samela Nubulaket
Javic Marvin
Delia Deanodelman

The following further additions were also made on Thursday to the official list of survivors: -


Mr. H.C. Chambers
The Countess of Rothes's maid


Miss Margery Collyer

The following corrections of names hitherto undecipherable were also made: -


Mr. Marshall
Miss Nellie Walcroft
Miss Florence Ware

The attached further list of survivors from the Titanic has been issued by the Cunard Company. It is pointed out, says Reuter, that in some cases the names do not conform with the passenger list: -


Mrs. G. Thorne
Peter D. Daly
Mrs. and Miss Compton (previously reported as Mr. and Mrs. Compton. Mr. Compton has not been saved.


Caroline Deystrom
Anna Hamlin and child (Hamatinen?)
Marian Kanton (Mrs. Kentar?)
Bertha Ilett Daisy Bright (Miss Dagnar Beight)
Mildred Brown
Mary Jerman
Miss M. Davidson
Miss A. McGowan
Miss J. Hanson
Miss B. Driscoll
Miss L. McDermott

Karen Trenouth
Author of: "Epiphany of the Whitechapel Murders"
Author of: "Jack the Ripper: The Satanic Team"

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Re: List of Survivors

Post by Karen on Mon 16 Apr 2012 - 23:16


The following additional list of survivors was officially issued at the West End offices of the White Star Line on Friday, and includes, it is stated, the whole of the stewardesses who were engaged on the Titanic: -


Miss S. Strap
Miss K. Gold
Mrs. E. Lenther
Mrs. A. Martin
Miss M. Sloan
Miss V. Jessop
Miss M. Gregson
Miss K. Smith
Mrs. K. Bennett
Mrs. McLaren
Miss E. Marsden
Mrs. A. Pritchard
Mrs. Roberts
Mrs. N. Robinson
Miss B. Lavington
Mrs. E. Bliss


Mrs. M. Slocombe
Miss A. Caton

F. Oliver
C. Hascoe
Avery (fireman)
Avery (fireman)
F.A.E. Mason
J. Taylor
W.H. Taylor
S. Humphreys
J. Lee
J. Horsewell
J. Piggott
L. Moore
F. Orman
J. Bewley
P. McCarthy
F.O. Evans
V. Hopkins
J. Forward
S. Evans
W. Brice
W. Lucus
J. Anderson
J. Scarrott
W. Horder
J. Foley (storekeeper)
S. Hennings (lamps)
W. Wimie, A.B.
J. Perkes
R. Bright
G. Rome
J. Poing Derstoe
G. McGough
W. Melles
W. Peters
P. Hogg
T. Jones
E. Archer
F. Flett
G. Symons
A. Jewell
F. Church
R. Hitchens
W. White
A. White
W. Wright (plate washer)
G. Whiteman (barber)
W. Fitzpatrick (steward)
Miss R. Bowker (restaurant)
Miss M. Martin (restaurant)
Paul Mange (kitchen clerk)

Source: Lloyd's Weekly News, April 21, 1912, Page 8

Karen Trenouth
Author of: "Epiphany of the Whitechapel Murders"
Author of: "Jack the Ripper: The Satanic Team"

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Re: List of Survivors

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