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Scotland Yard And Pinkerton Investigate Secret Societies

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Scotland Yard And Pinkerton Investigate Secret Societies

Post by Karen on Tue 2 Mar 2010 - 1:05


They Are Here Looking Into the Irish Secret Societies.

NEW YORK, Dec. 17. - [Chronicle dispatch - Special to TRIBUNE.] - A dynamite bomb exploded to their committee room could not have caused mere consternation among the local members of the Irish National League than did the report today that Scotland Yard detectives were in this country and possibly connected with their organization. A rumor had it that the purpose of the English officers was to establish a connection between the Irish revolutionary societies in this country and the Land League in England and Ireland. Coupled with this was the equally sensational information that a London detective in Philadelphia had been devoting his whole energies to the task of discovering all of the secrets of this order in this country. He is said to have connected himself with everything Catholic and Irish including the Clan-Nationel League and other organizations.
It is said the name of the Scotland Yard man who has been trapped in the sly work of espionage is Fred Jervis. To several friends, report had it, he boasted of his success with certain Irish organizations to a member of the principal western cities. On Saturday it came to the ears of several that Chief Inspector Shore of Scotland Yard had arrived here to superintend the work of procuring informers from the rank of American Societies and that Robert Pinkerton had been engaged to assist him. Whether this part of the story be true or not, Mr. Bauge, of Pinkerton's Agency in this city declined to either deny it or acknowledge the truth.
A well known member of the National League was seen tonight by a reporter, He said:
"Although the information we have received is very vague I doubt not the truth of the story that English detectives have been engaged for such a purpose. The London Times has the whole engine of government at its back in its case against Parnell and we wouldn't be surprised at any step they may make to defeat him. I do not think that Mr. Jarvis will be able to gain any more knowledge than he possesses and Chief Inspector Shore will find himself balked. All Irishmen are not traitors and informers."

Source: Salt Lake Tribune, 1888-12-18, Scotland Yard Detectives

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