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Maurice Kosminski

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Maurice Kosminski

Post by Karen on Mon 5 Sep 2011 - 23:12

Seeing as Anderson's Kosminski was not given a Christian name which makes every male Kosminski in London a possible as Anderson's suspect, how about one that lived in Berner Street?
The following website lists Donors to the Society for Relieving the Aged Needy for 1891, and lists an M. Kosminski living at 48 Berner Street, West and an S. Kosminski, living at 170 Aldersgate Street, E.C.

Also, the Whitechapel Society website lists a Maurice Kosminski living at 70 Berner Street in 1891. It is unknown whether the M. Kosminski, listed as living at 48 Berner Street is in fact Maurice:

"Berner Street

Was situated in the Parish of St George in the East and renamed Henriques Street in tribute to Basil Henriques, OBE (1948) who died on 2nd December 1961, and was the founder of the Bernhard Baron Oxford and St George Settlement, a youth club for lads in the area which he opened on 3rd March 1914, when he was 24. The street leads southwards from Commercial Road, not far east of its junction with Whitechapel Road, and was named Berner Street on 1st May 1868, being an amalgamation of Upper Berner Street, Lower Berner Street, and Batty Buildings. In the 1880's this street was regarded as ‘respectable’ and was inhabited by people who worked as dock labourers, carmen, shoe-makers - and there were also several tailors. There was a Public House called the George IV at No 68, on the corner of Boyd Street, which was managed by Edmund Farrow, and the Nelson Beer House, run by Louis Hagens at No 46, on the corner of Fairclough Street, was three doors away from the murder site of Liz Stride. Dotted down this residential street were a few retailers such as Edwin Sumner at No 2, just in from Commercial Road, with his greengrocers shop, and down the other end of the street at No 74, Jacob Lubin ran another grocers store on the corner of Everard Street. Henry Norris, at No 48, on the opposite corner to the Nelson, was a chandler, while the bakery on the corner of Boyd Street - No 70 - was run by Louis Friedman. Right down at the southern end, the last building housed the chemist shop run by John Simkin. Strangely, all these stores were on the western side of the street, which was also the side where the Ripper murdered his presumed third victim, Long Liz Stride. Her throat was deeply cut, but she was not otherwise mutilated, and because of this it is generally regarded that the Ripper was interrupted in his work... The actual site of the murder was inside a gateway leading to Dutfield’s Yard, between the third and fourth houses from the corner where the Nelson stood. The building on the north side of the yard (No 40) housed the International Working Mens Educational Club - a high-flown name for what was basically a well-known, and locally disliked, radical hangout. There were many witnesses called to testify from this street - from No 14 - Mrs Rosenfield and, possibly, her sister, Mrs Eva Harstein (though she may have lived in Dutfield’s Yard itself): No 28 - Abraham Ashbrigh (or Heahbury as reported in the papers) (17): No 30 - Charles Letchford (22): No 36 - Mrs Fanny Mortimer (48): No 38 - Barnett Kentorrich: No 44 - Matthew Packer (59), the general dealer who allegedly sold grapes to Long Liz sometime before her murder, and at No 64 - William Marshall (47). It is interesting to note that in 1891, living at No 70, is 28 year old master-baker, Maurice Kosminski..."


Karen Trenouth
Author of: "Epiphany of the Whitechapel Murders"
Author of: "Jack the Ripper: The Satanic Team"

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