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True Meaning Of The Word "Juwes"

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True Meaning Of The Word "Juwes"

Post by Karen on Mon 1 Mar 2010 - 13:53

On September 30, 1888, after Jack the Ripper killed Elizabeth Stride and Catherine Eddowes, he walked northeast from Mitre Square to Goulston Street and wrote in a piece of white chalk on the black fascia of the doorway to the Wentworth Model Dwellings:


Many arguments have arisen as to the true meaning of the word Juwes. Some believe that the word was a misspelling of the word "Jews", however, there is a far more historical meaning to the word "Juwes." Please read the following to understand what the writer truly meant by this particular expression:

In the book, "The Mysteries of Freemasonry," written by William Morgan, who was conferred to the Royal Arch degree in May of 1825, there can be found full details of the reenactments of the building of Solomon's Temple, the murder of Master Hiram Abiff by three ruffians who murdered their master because he would not divulge to them the one secret word of God. In the degree, entitled, "Degree of Perfect Master," which is only conferred in a Lodge of Perfection, the following question is asked to the candidate:

Q. What is meant by the letters J.M.B. on the triangular stone? A. They are the initials of the three Hebrew words, Joshagn, Mawkoms, Bawheer - signifying "the elect sleeps in his place."

Now, if you look at the Goulston Street Graffiti, you can see that these three letters "J.M.B." are capitalized. This is how the City of London policeman and the Metropolitan Policeman recorded the graffiti after having seen it or just prior to its removal. This particular phrase would only have significance to a higher level Freemason, like Warren, and was a clue/sign that these murders were committed by Royal Arch Masons, and the murderers, as such, were to be shielded at all costs. May it be remembered that William Morgan himself, was also killed by Royal Arch Masons and Knights Templars. Here is the link to the entire book which can be downloaded for free at Project Gutenberg.

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Re: True Meaning Of The Word "Juwes"

Post by Guest on Fri 23 Jul 2010 - 13:13

Officially Warren doesn't become a mason until after the Whitechapel killings so the higher level knowledge referred to may not have been known to him. IF the author of the graffito and the person who deposited the bloody apron are one and the same it might be an indication of a masonic connection. For myself the message is too ambiguous. If current thinking is correct then the message was placed on the inner arch of the doorway at somewhere between waist and shoulder height. In a building that is supposed to have had a significant Jewish population I think it's potential for misinterpretation would have been recognised and as such it would have been removed. It wasn't. The Ripper whoever he or they were could have been playing the same mischevious games that certain journalists were employing. It reinforces my opinion of him/them as someone with good local knowledge not just of geography but politics and social culture as well.

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Re: True Meaning Of The Word "Juwes"

Post by Guest on Fri 23 Jul 2010 - 19:39

I agree with The Snapper that the GSG might indicate a masonic connection. To say it doesn't smack of Freemasonry even with the Apron, as the skeptics do, is like saying Helter Skelter at the Manson murder scene doesn't suggest a Beatles link!

However, I can't agree that the GSG is a definite clue that the murders were committed by Arch Masons anymore than Helter Skelter was a clue that the Manson murders were committed by the Beatles. In all likelihood, it was someone familiar with the inner workings of Masonry.


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Re: True Meaning Of The Word "Juwes"

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