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Care of the City's Poor

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Care of the City's Poor

Post by Karen on Tue 26 Jul 2011 - 0:09



The Guardians of the Poor of the City of London claimed the attention of a large and representative company of citizens on Saturday afternoon, when a very interesting ceremony took place at Homerton to mark the completion of one of the largest works undertaken by the Board in recent years, viz., the building of the new Infirmary and the adaptation of the Workhouse buildings to meet modern requirements, this work being the outcome of the wise policy adopted by the Guardians of closing the Bow Infirmary, and concentrating their Poor Law administration on the admirable site in the Borough of Hackney.
The Chairman of the Amalgamation Committee, Mr. John B. Wild, C.C., directed the proceedings with his usual courtesy, with the able assistance of his Vice-Chairman, Mr. H. Key; the Chairman of the Board, Rev. T. Grear; and the Vice-Chairman, Mr. A. Monckton, C.C., together with the following Guardians and Members of the Committee: -

Mr. W. Bates, Mr. C.J. Benson, Mr. H. Weber Brown, B.A., Mr. H.V. Clements, Mr. W. Mann Cross, C.C., Mr. J. Huey, Mr. John H. Lile, C.C., J.P., D.L., Mr. C.E. Scholes, Mr. H. Taylor Taylor, Mr. J. Westerby, C.C. (Deputy Chairman of the Board), Mr. E. Ardley, C.C., Mr. W. Baldock, Rev. P. Clementi-Smith, C.C., Mr. J.S. Crowther, Rev. G. Bell Doughty, Mr. J. Tollworthy, C.C., Mr. H.V. Game, Mr. W. Pomteous King, C.C., Rev. J.F. Marr, Mr. J. Pick, Mr. A.M. Reveley, Mr. M.L. Saunders, Mr. G.P. Wagstaff, Mr. E.R. Woodward (the clerk to the Board), Mr. Albert E. Pridmore, P.P.S.A., F.S.I., F.Z.S. (the architect of the buildings), and the builder, Mr. Albert Monk.

Most of these gentlemen were accompanied by their ladies, and there were also present: -

Mr. Deputy M. Wallace, Mr. and Mrs. E.V. Huxtable, Mr. E.S. Morris, Miss Partridge, Mrs. W.S. Martin, Mrs. Powell, Mrs. Wilson, Rev. Dacre and Mrs. Craven, Miss Grear, Mrs. Bain, Miss Brickman, Miss Blatherwick, Miss Skelton, Mr. and Mrs. Bye, Mr. and Miss Tuck, Mr. and Miss Stacey, Mr. Nullis, Mr. and Mrs. E.J. Carter, Mr. C.T.W. Drake (Master and Steward), Miss Stewart (Matron of the Infirmary), Mr. C.A. Hodgkinson, Mrs. Austin, Dr. C. Read, Dr. F. Gordon Brown, Dr. H.J. Sequira, Mr. T. Bates (Chairman of the Hackney Board of Guardians), and Miss Bates, Mr. F.R. Coles (clerk to the Hackney Guardians), and others.

Source: The Shoreditch Observer, Hackney Express, Bethnal Green Chronicle and Finsbury Gazette, October 2, 1909, Page 5

Karen Trenouth
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