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Convinced That Victim Was Killed by JTR

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Convinced That Victim Was Killed by JTR

Post by Karen on Mon 16 May 2011 - 2:03

The tenth Murder of Jack the Ripper.

As we already had imparted, the terror of the East End of London, the dreaded Jack the Ripper, of whom nothing had been heard since 10 September 1889, so we thought he was gone for good, but again unexplained horrors are celebrated and have occurred again near Whitechapel, where he committed his previous horrors, has killed another woman: Now that is No. 10 on his dreadful list - what will follow?

No. 1, was committed during the week of Christmas 1887 on an unknown woman in Wentworth-street.
No. 2, Martha Turner on August 7, 1888 in Commercial Street.
No. 3, August 31, 1888 Mrs. Nichols in Buck's-row.
No. 4, 7 September 1888 Mrs. Chapman in Hanbury Street.
No. 5, 30 September 1888 Mrs. Eddowes in Mitre-square.
No. 6, 30 September 1888 Elizabeth Stride, in Berner-street.
No. 7, 9 November 1888 Mary Jane Kelly in Dorset Street.
No. 8, July 17, 1889 Alice Mackenzie in Castle-alley.
No. 9, 10 September 1889 on an unknown woman in Backchurch-lane, and
No. 10, on February 13, 1891 on Carrotty Nell.

It was in the morning of February 14 of this year, that police-constable 240 H was passing by the two arches of the Great Eastern Railway, which leads into Swallow-gardens from Orman-street, and Chamberlain Street when he found the body of a woman lying on her back. He had passed by the spot only fifteen minutes before without having seen anything. He shone his lantern on the woman again and saw, to his dismay, that she was lying in a pool of blood flowing from a terrible wound in the throat, literally running from one ear to the other. He blew the distress whistle and was joined by Police-constable 327 H. The woman showed no signs of life anymore, but the body was still warm and the pulse in the wrist was still weak. Soon more help came and a man was sent to fetch Dr. Phillips, meanwhile the police remanined at the exact location of the drama. The woman appeared to be between 25 and 27 years old, she was bareheaded, one hand was alongside the body, the other on the chest. Beside her was a black woman's hat and in the pocket of her dress they found several pieces of black lace and an earring.
Curiously, a second black woman's hat was partially hidden in the folds of her dress. Also found in her pocket was an old striped stocking and a comb. When the doctor came, he found that there was still life in the woman, but before they could put her on a stretcher, life was extinct.
The arch, in which the murder took place, is only dimly lighted and is rarely visited at night by anyone. Along this area often wander around the slightest of women, there were two that were arrested and charged that night by police for being near the police office in Leman-street. The murdered woman was known to the police and the night before in Leman Street view, it is impossible long been together with her ‚Äč‚Äčkiller. Police believe the killer knew her and lured her to this spot, killed her at once but hearing approaching footsteps was unable to commit the mutilations, as with the previous victims.
It is therefore not doubted for a moment whether the murder was the work of Jack the Ripper, since it corresponded with the other murders of women committed in the neighborhood of Whitechapel.
A railroad worker, named Jumbo, gave the police a full description of the woman and of the man in whose company she was. He resembled a ship's stoker, so the police promptly investigated all the steamships in the Thames. Saturday morning at nine o'clock, a suspicious man was arrested and brought to Leman Street, to undergo a police interrogation. Due to the fact that found near the corpse was a woman's hat, reminds the Pall Mall of what a skilled doctor, Mr. Lawson Tait wrote in September 1889. He claimed that the murders in Whitechapel
were committed by a woman. He reasoned thus: There is no doubt that Jack the Ripper is a big, strong woman, who works in a slaughterhouse as a cleaner and occasionally helps chop flesh. In most cases, the women who were attacked were scarcely dead. The bodies were still warm, so the murderer could not be far away. The fact that the police are now so short on the criminal's heels, proves that the murders were committed by a woman. I'll tell you why. In the
discovery of one of the murders, the police were working rigorously round the neighborhood. No one was arrested - they did not pay attention to a woman. How can a woman have committed the murder so skillfully? - It should be well understood that the criminal case, had to have been bloodstained after the murder. It would be impossible to commit the mutilations on the victims by the Jack the Ripper method without having blood on them, so it would not be easy to escape. For a woman it would be very easy. Why? Look, said Mr. Tait, imagine, the murder was committed and the woman was full of blood. She now has only to tuck her apron under her jacket and place a scarf over her shoulders and to continue to walk quietly down the street.
And then the washing of the blood-stained clothes. What would a man do? They would wash them in hot water. The result is that the blood pours out and further stains the clothes. And how do they get the hot water and throw the blood-stained water away afterwards without going unnocticed? A woman is always at the wash-tub, she would wash the clothes in cold water and clean them with a little soap and they would not suspect her.
Nine of those arrested Friday were detained, but police have until now no guiding principle to discover the true murderer.
A railway worker has stated that he had seen the murdered woman talking to a man for over 25 minutes while standing at the corner of Rosemary Lane. According to his statement that man was dressed in a brown coat and hat of the same color.
The opinion of the Police Commissioner, Sir Edward Bradford, is this, he is firmly convinced that the murdered woman was a victim of the same killer, who in the last series, had filled the population of the East-end with terror.

Karen Trenouth
Author of: "Epiphany of the Whitechapel Murders"
Author of: "Jack the Ripper: The Satanic Team"

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