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William Starchfield, Aged 7

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William Starchfield, Aged 7

Post by Karen on Sat 2 Apr 2011 - 0:59

Body Found Under Carriage Seat at Shoreditch.

An Errand For His Mother - Eleven Minutes' Murder.

A curly-haired boy of seven was yesterday found strangled under the seat of a North London train.
The boy's name is William Starchfield. His mother lives in Hampstead-road, and his father works in Tottenham Court-road.
The crime was discovered yesterday afternoon in the following way: -
At 4:24 a fifteen-year-old boy, named George Tillman, entered at Mildmay Park Station a North London train running from Chalk Farm to Broad-street. The carriage, so far as he could see, was empty.
He was stooping down to tie up his bootlace when he saw something resembling a body crouched up under the seat opposite to him.
When the train reached Haggerston four minutes afterwards Tillman shouted out to a porter that something was wrong, and the latter immediately telephoned to Shoreditch, where the little body was found stuffed under a seat.
On examination of the body the fact was established that the little fellow had been strangled. There were indications that the boy had offered resistance, but there were no signs of anything like a struggle.
Inspector Gough, who is in charge of the case, told The Daily Mirror at a late hour last night that the police have clues as to the identity of the murderer.


It was not until the early hours of this morning that the name of the victim was known.
Last evening, according to the Press Association, a woman, residing at Hampstead, communicated with the police owing to the non-return of her young boy, whom she had sent on an errand. The description of the boy in question was circulated, and in this way Scotland Yard officers were able to get into communication with the mother.
The official description of the body issued was as follows: -

Aged about seven years. Complexion, fair, hair light brown, long and curly; eyes, hazel; one tooth deficient in lower jaw. Dress: Navy blue woollen jersey, two buttons on the shoulder; dark grey tweed knickers, home made; light grey tweed waistcoat, home made; red, blue and white striped flannel shirt; brown socks; brown button boots, with white and blue linings around the tops; black soft hat, with black braid around the crown.

It is quite clear that the boy was dead by the time the train had reached Mildmay Park. The problem the police have to solve is where the murderer got out?
Assuming that the murder was committed in the North London train, the murderer may have escaped at: -

Camden Town
Canonbury, or
Mildmay Park

But there is another hypothesis.
The North London railway is much used by travellers on the London and North-Western and the Midland systems, and Camden Town station would be available in either case.
Was the murder committed elsewhere and the body of the boy transferred to the North London Railway.


The train in which the body of the boy was found left Chalk Farm at 4:13 p.m. yesterday. It reached Camden Town at 4:15, the time of its arrival at other stations being as follows: -

Mildmay Park..................4:24

If the murder was committed in the North London train it must have been done in eleven minutes. It is because of this, and the fact that there were no fewer than six stops in that time that it is argued the murder must have been committed elsewhere.


How the tragedy was first discovered was told to The Daily Mirror last night by George Tillman, a lad of fifteen, who lives at Lansdowne-road, London Fields, and is employed as a cabinet-maker's assistant.
"I was travelling this afternoon," he said, "from Mildmay Park to Haggerston. As I stooped down to tie up my bootlace I noticed something white under the seat.
"I touched it, and found it was a child's leg.
"At Dalston, the next station, I tried to draw the attention of the guard, but the train was already moving.
"At Haggerston I tried again, and succeeded.
"Just as the guard was taking my name and address I jumped out and the train moved on.


At Shoreditch Charles Bett, the guard of the train, called to a porter-guard named Cooke and sent him to the carriage.
The latter found the little body stuffed under the seat. Round the child's neck was a deep red scar, suggesting that he had been strangled.
Cooke at once delayed the train and informed the stationmaster of his discovery. Together they carried the little body into the inspector's office.
Hardly a soul was on the platform at the time, and few, if any, knew of the tragedy that had just been discovered.
Later the body was removed to the Shoreditch Mortuary, just opposite, and Dr. Garrett, the police surgeon for the district, was summoned.
After examining the body Dr. Garrett stated that the child had undoubtedly been murdered, the marks on the neck pointing to strangulation by a thin rope being tightly drawn round the throat.

Source: The Daily Mirror, January 9, 1914, Page 4

Karen Trenouth
Author of: "Epiphany of the Whitechapel Murders"
Author of: "Jack the Ripper: The Satanic Team"

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