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Psychic Investigation of Crimes

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Psychic Investigation of Crimes

Post by Karen on Tue 29 Mar 2011 - 0:35

Even a Dream Has Hanged Murderers.

A will-o'-the-wisp in a mother's mind. But it led the hunt through a floor of concrete to a body in a cess pit. This is the story told by Edwin T. Woodhall, late of Scotland Yard.

Can occult powers be used in the detection of crime?

Is there a place in the future police criminal investigation departments of the world for the clairvoyant?
Toxicologists, pathologists, sanguicologists, graphologists, firearms or ballistics experts, chemists, photographers, etc., come to the aid of police detection in murder. Does the future hold a place yet for another scientific expert - the psychometrist.
There are numbers of people in many places who claim that they possess the power of getting in touch with the dead. One of the best known methods in use by these people being that known as psychometry - or "physic contact." A person claiming to be a psychometrist asserts that he or she - if they can see and touch anything which belonged to the dead person - are gifted with what is generally known as "second sight."

A revolver is found.
The police call in a psychometrist.
This expert examines the scene of the crime and handles the weapon. When the weapon of the murderer is placed into the psychometrist's hands he will, as it were, pass from the bounds of his own physical body and gain contact with the "ethic existence" or spirit shape of the dead.
The use of psychometry, in my own experience, was revealed during the 1910 Houndsditch murders. Also during the mysterious death of Iris Watkins, of Monmouthshire.

Whilst during the second Eastbourne and Bournemouth murders clairvoyant seances by spiritualistic mediums also took place.
As well as in other crimes as far back as the 1888 atrocities of London's East End "Jack the Ripper."

But the most convincing, upon the side of "psychic" premonition, was that which occurred about twelve years ago, known as the Kenley, or "Welcome Farm," murder.
A young demobilised officer, named Eric Gordon Toombe, was in partnership with a man called Dyer running Welcome Farm, Kenley, as a stud farm and training quarters for racehorses. All the "Yard" had on which to start investigations was that Toombe had been missing for over a year; that the missing man had been impersonated and his signature forged on cheques, and also on account of a vivid premonition or series of dreams experienced by Toombe's mother.

Mrs. Toombe had dreamed that she had seen the body of her son at the bottom of a well - and nothing could shake her belief that this was the true explanation of his disappearance - and that he had been murdered.
It was on account of this dream or series of premonitions that the late Francis Caslin - one of the "Big Four" of Scotland Yard - took action. He had a "hunch" that it was a case of murder, and he began his investigations with a thorough examination of Welcome Farm.
The house was in an advanced stage of dilapidation - it had been almost demolished by fire some two years before - the paths were overgrown with weeds, loose bricks and debris were scattered about the place, and long grass was growing all over the grounds.

Hidden in the long grass, however, the police discovered five cesspools which served to drain the place. Carlin remembered Mrs. Toombe's dream and gave his orders accordingly:
"Excavate the cesspools!"
It was a difficult task. By nightfall, however, two cesspools had been cleared and their bottoms dragged, but nothing had been discovered.
By the light of hurricane lamps the perspiring officers set to work with picks and shovels on the third cesspool. They had not been long at work when one of them drew Carlin's attention to a curious fact; whereas in the other two cesspools there had only been small patches of bricks and cement here and there, this one showed signs of it all the way down.
For hours the officers were kept feverishly baling to gain on the inflow of water and to discover what was at the bottom. And then suddenly:
"Look at this, sir!"
Carlin went quickly forward and peered into the hole. Beneath the water, protruding from the debris, he saw a man's foot.
Eventually the body was brought to the surface.
On contact with the air, the body rapidly changed, but the murderer - sure, no doubt, that the body would never be found - had made a serious blunder. When he had thrust his victim into the well he had not removed the gold wrist-watch, tie-pin and cuff-links, and by these Toombe's parents were able to identify the body as that of their son.

Carlin's "hunch" that it was a case of murder was thus proved to be correct, but without Mrs. Toombe's dream as a starting point for his investigations, the problem of Toombe's fate might well have remained unsolved.
The wanted man was traced to Scarborough, and Carlin went there to put the finishing touch to his months of patient labour by effecting his arrest, which was actually effected by a local detective-inspector.

But for the dream or "psychic premonition," of the dead man's mother, how long might not his nefarious career have continued?
The final position of the occult in the detection of murder is this - that suggestions received from occult sources have sometimes proved amazingly fruitful, but that Scotland Yard is still far from being convinced.

Source: The Daily Mirror, Wednesday December 11, 1935, Page 10

Karen Trenouth
Author of: "Epiphany of the Whitechapel Murders"
Author of: "Jack the Ripper: The Satanic Team"

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