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New Police System

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New Police System

Post by Karen on Mon 11 Oct 2010 - 20:46

Those who know the state of terror, almost amounting to panic, into which the East-end of London was thrown last year by the series of atrocious murders in Whitechapel, will scarcely be surprised at the intensity of feeling displayed in the metropolis during the last ten days because of the recurrence of a crime which seems only to be one of a continuous series of almost inhuman occurrences. All the old theories have, of course, been revived for the occasion, but as these led to nothing a year ago, they can hardly be expected to lead to anything now. A dull fatalistic idea almost has seemed to overwhelm all concerned to the effect that the murderer will never be caught, except red-handed, for in no single case as yet has there been a substantial clue left behind by which it was possible he might be traced. It is perfectly easy to blame the police for not having effected the miscreant's capture, but this absence of a clue is a point to be steadily borne in mind, and it is one which those who are carefully watching the matter will certainly not leave out of sight. Any who had hoped that the lust for blood which was so strongly exhibited last year had been sated, will now know their mistake; and although it may be that, owing to the increased recklessness of the criminal, which is proved by the recrudescence of the crime, a discovery may soon be made, the Whitechapel horrors will always have a dismal place in our social history.


The excitement and interest which has been created by the recent murder in Castle-alley, Whitechapel, was abundantly apparent throughout Sunday by the presence of enormous crowds who had travelled from all parts of London to view the spot where Alice Mackenzie received her death-blow. At a very early hour a number of curious people had journeyed to Old Castle-street - for such is the correct name of the thoroughfare in which the murder was committed, although it is known locally as Castle-alley, a result of long usage. As the morning progressed the stream of visitors gradually swelled till the thoroughfare was completely blocked. The handful of police have a very trying time with the large but good-natured crowd. At noon, or shortly afterwards, the storm which then prevailed had a more salutary effect with the sightseers than would have been the case had the entire metropolitan police force been requisitioned to clear the thoroughfare. Notwithstanding the heavy and continuous downpour there were a goodly number of people who braved the storm in order to satisfy their curiosity. Just after six o'clock in the evening, when the storm had abated, and the evening looked promising, there was a renewal of the morning scenes. Very few police were present, and, indeed, they were not wanted, for the thousands of people who traversed the alley, en route to Old-Castle-street, were collectively of a very superior class, who had travelled by train, bus, and on foot from all parts of the metropolis, and were of a most peaceful and good-natured class. It was not until long after darkness had set in that the labyrinth of slums which is characteristic of this locality began to impress upon the strangers to the district the dangers which abound in the dreaded district.
The authorities evidently dread a renewal of the ghastly occurrences, and, acting on suggestions advanced by past experience, are making efforts to frustrate another attempt. Since the discovery of Wednesday of last week, men have at night been drafted into Whitechapel from all parts of the metropolis, but for reasons known only to Scotland-yard exceptional precautions were made from Sunday night, the drafts of auxiliaries being increased; very little is known locally of the improved system adopted from night to night as the arrangements are made at Whitehall and developed by Mr. Superintendent Arnold, while the detective force in the locality is superintended by Inspector Moore, of the Criminal Investigation Department.

Source: Hornsey And Middlesex Messenger, Friday July 26, 1889

Karen Trenouth
Author of: "Epiphany of the Whitechapel Murders"
Author of: "Jack the Ripper: The Satanic Team"

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