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Dagger-Shaped Cross

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Dagger-Shaped Cross

Post by Karen on Mon 27 Sep 2010 - 22:12



The police again displayed extra watchfulness at the East-End last night, but down to an early hour this (Sunday) morning nothing had been reported at the station in Leman-street.
Just after midnight a man was seen in Whitechapel-road dressed in woman's clothes, with a dark veil and carrying a black bag. Finding he was being noticed by the police he immediately made off.
The police still receive endless communications, chiefly from anonymous persons, but as yet no clue has been obtained. It transpired yesterday that on Thursday the police at King-street, Westminster, had handed over to them a woman's chemise and three pieces of linen, which had been taken from the water of the river Thames, and which, on being examined, were found to have bloodstains upon them, and which it is believed may have something to do with the recent murders.
We are informed that yesterday morning the Clapham police had handed to them five photos which had been found mysteriously at Clapham. They were wrapped up in a piece of white circular paper tied with string, and outside of which the following was written: -

"Whosoever finds these photos, please take care of them, as the cabinet is one of the murdered women in Whitechapel, and the others her sister. The victim I kissed 20 times, and tried it on again, but I got no brass, so she told me to kiss her and to a dreadful end she came on the eve of her death."

Yesterday Mr. G. Lusk, the chairman of the Vigilance committee constituted to assist in the discovery of the murderer of the unfortunates in East London, sent in his resignation, assigning as the reason the need of absolute rest, which he felt to be necessary after the worry and anxiety and horror he has experienced during the past few days. The treasurer and secretary have also announced their intention of resigning, on account of the lack of moral and material support they have experienced during their philanthropic efforts to benefit their fellow citizens.
Our attention has been drawn to a rather curious fact in connection with the East-end atrocities, and that is that the murders have been committed in the form of a dagger-shaped cross, Mitre-square, George-yard, Osborne-street, Hanbury-street, and Berner-street forming the hilt of the dagger in the order named, and Buck's-row the point of this imaginary dagger. A reporter says: In connection with the above, it may be stated that for some time past a man has been noticed going about London and drawing crosses of the shape of the above in red pencil on the pavement. His description is as follows: - Height about 5ft. 7in.; age about 45; dark complexion and moustache; rather shabbily dressed, and wearing a soft felt hat, knocked in at the top.
A post-card signed "Jack the Ripper" has been received at the Midland News office, Wolverhampton. The writer states that he is coming to Wolverhampton to do "Jack the Ripper" for some of the girls in that town, and cautions them to look out.
The Bradford police yesterday apprehended a young woman, named Maria Coroner, on a charge of sending letters signed "Jack the Ripper" to the local press and the chief constable. The girl is good-looking, respectably dressed, and in regular work at one of the leading drapery establishments in Bradford. Several written references to Jackson, the Manchester murderer, and a card of Berry's, the hangman, carefully wrapped in silk paper, were found in her possession. She was remanded on a charge of inciting to a breach of the peace.


There have been no further remains discovered at Whitehall, notwithstanding the continued use of the bloodhounds and the zealous efforts of the police.

Source: Lloyd's Weekly Newspaper, Sunday October 21, 1888

Karen Trenouth
Author of: "Epiphany of the Whitechapel Murders"
Author of: "Jack the Ripper: The Satanic Team"

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